Media Lab

The Media Maker Lab (MML) is a place where RVC students, staff, and faculty can get help creating videos, audio projects, podcasts, captioning, and other forms of media for their courses. Located on the first floor of the RVC's main campus library, the MML has a podcast and audio recording suite, a collaboration space for project scheduling and preparation with the lab's staff, an audio and video editing lab, and a full video production studio for producing green screen work, guest speaker interviews, lightboard lecture projects, and much more.

Studio Space

One of the pieces of technology housed in the Studio Space is the Revolution Lightboard. The Lightboard allows instructors or students a way of distributing information while addressing the audience directly. With an extremely easy set-up process all you have to worry about is your presentation! Also, staff will be on standby for any assistance you may need!

Another area available for use within the Studio Space is the green screen backdrop! This area makes it easy to create the green screen effect used in media creation today. Whether that be taking a photo of an item in front of it or recording yourself in front of it, the green screen is available for you to use!

The Studio Space also houses a fully customizable set. This multi-part set allows the creator to take away and add whatever set dressing they want to produce the show in their vision. With chairs, shelving, and a TV the set creates a perfect space to produce an interview or a recurring show. What is made is up to you!

Work Area

The working area is a place designed around collaboration. The space allows for students and faculty to talk through and prepare their project with the lab staff or others. Whether that be sitting down at the tables, running through an outline, or using the TV to show a presentation, the work area is available for you!

Behind the collaborative space is a fully equipped edit lab. With iMac computers available for use, this space allows people a place where they can come and focus on any creative projects they may be working on. All the computers have the Adobe Creative Cloud which allows for video editing, photo editing, graphic
design and much more!

If you are having any trouble with your project or just have some questions this work area is also where the Media Lab staff are located. They are ready to help you with anything that stands in the way of bringing your vision to life.

Audio Studio

On the second floor of the library is the RVC Media Lab’s Audio Studio. This space allows for the creation of auditory focused projects such as podcasts or voiceover recording.

The Audio Studio is the perfect place to sit down and record a podcast on whatever subject comes to mind. With the streamlined technology a podcast can be ready to record in minutes. It also allows for remote interviews through phone or any communication app.

The space also has a dedicated voiceover recording area to make sure that your recordings are the quality you desire. Use this area to record your voice to play over a presentation or video you’ve created using the other resources available to you!

The Goal of the Media Lab

The goal of the Rock Valley College Media Lab is to create a space where creating educational content is more accessible. As technology continues to advance there becomes more and more ways to distribute information to audiences. The Media Lab is a resource here at the college to help take this next step into the future of education as well as making this a space where creating this content is more approachable.