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RAISE Graduation Ceremony at Rock Valley College

On Thursday, May 23, from 4 to 5 pm, the SC Atrium at Rock Valley College was filled with excitement and pride as the community gathered to celebrate the RAISE Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony honored the incredible achievements of the students in the RAISE program, which stands for Raising Aspirations through an Inclusive Student Experience.

From Adversity to Achievement: Tijuana Glass's Inspirational Path

Tijuana Glass’s journey at Rock Valley College is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite facing numerous challenges, including dropping out of high school and losing her sight at a young age, Tijuana never gave up on her dream of obtaining her GED.

Building Bonds, Shaping Futures: The 2024 RVC Nursing Pinning Ceremony

“Nursing school has been a horrifically stressful experience,” said Rock Valley College Nursing graduate Kyle Olesen. “And it is one I’m going to miss so much.”

Empowering Futures: Rock Valley College's Certificate Ceremony

Rock Valley College celebrated its Certificate Ceremony on Thursday, May 16. This event honored the achievements of students who have completed specialized programs at RVC, marking an important milestone in their educational journey.

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