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The Stenstrom Family Legacy of Generosity at RVC

In the early 2000s, the Stenstrom family left an indelible mark on Rock Valley College (RVC) through their extraordinary generosity. A remarkable donation led to the naming of the Stenstrom Center for Career Education on Samuelson Road. Fast forward to this year, with RVC no longer owning that campus, the College is relocating the family's name to the Stenstrom Student Center, a move that reflects both adaptability and gratitude for the family's enduring commitment.

Water Pipe Burst on Main Campus

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RVC Winter Weather Alert

Due to the winter storm impacting our region, the college will move to a remote workday on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. All buildings will be closed, and only authorized employees will be granted access; no students or visitors will be allowed access to any RVC buildings during the remote workday.

Dr Mathew Oakes Leads Civic Engagement Research as National Campus Compact Fellow

Rock Valley College professor of English, Dr. Mathew Oakes, is one of five individuals selected to be Campus Compact Community College Research Fellow for 2023-2024. Campus Compact is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to higher education, civic and community engagement.

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