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BHM Student Spotlight: Donavan Golden

In celebration of Black History Month, we proudly feature Donavan Golden, an exceptional student at Rock Valley College (RVC) whose journey embodies resilience, determination, and a commitment to academic excellence.

BHM Student Spotlight: Kavonnie Dotson

During Black History Month, we celebrate Kavonnie Dotson, a fantastic student at Rock Valley College. His journey shows us how hard work and determination can lead to success.

RVC Ignites Innovation and Skills Development for Middle School Students

Summer Manufacturing and Readiness Technology (SMART) Camp is back at Rock Valley College in summer 2024. Sparking interest in the world of automation and fabrication, these one-week, non-credit summer camps allow middle school students to explore the career areas of welding, mechatronics, and CNC machining. In addition, participants will also learn about principles of entrepreneurship and how that relates to careers.

Rock Valley College Gets a Boost to Charge Up Its E-Vehicle Repair Program

Rock Valley College was awarded a competitive grant of $425,000 to expand and enhance its EV course offerings, initially launched in August 2023.

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