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RVC Police Earn Lexipol Gold

The path to certification, regardless of your field, can often be a daunting task. Nearly three years ago, the Rock Valley College Police Department embarked on the path to becoming certified for their work in policy and procedures.

RVC Police Chief Attends Executive Institute

Chief Thomas Yehl (pictured below at center) of the Rock Valley College Police Department was one of several law enforcement executives from across the state to participate in the course Enduring, Surviving, and Thriving as a Law Enforcement Executive hosted by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute.

RVC Art Display Featuring Lisa And Javier Jimenez

Every year the art department at RVC reaches out to local and regional artists to display in our campus showcases. Past displays include a collection of Matta Ortiz pottery from Mexico, a private collector of Chinese ceramics, and a collection of Intaglio prints from a Chicago firm.

Congrats RVC Marketing Team

Congratulations to RVC's Communications & Marketing team. They were recognized at the National Council of Marketing and Public Relations District 3 (Midwest region) Annual Fall Conference with a Silver Medallion Award for their video/commercial Follow Your Dreams at RVC.

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