Resumes That Get The Job

According to, a hiring manager may spend, on average, six to seven seconds looking at a resume. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an attention-grabbing resume. Your resume is a snapshot of your most significant qualifications and a way to convince employers that you deserve an interview. RVC’s Career Services team has put together some tips to help you craft the resume you need to get the job.

Format your resume carefully.

The font size, style, and overall look of your resume need to be clear, consistent, and professional and one page in length unless you have extensive experience. It is customary to make your name and sub-headings bold with standard margins at one inch. 

Organize your sections in order of importance. 

Prioritize the sections according to your skill set and what the employer is seeking. For example, current students and new graduates may want to list their education section at the top, while others with more professional experience should be placed near the top. Always consider your resume prime real estate highlighting your key skills and qualifications. 

Construct an experience section with impact. 

Use bullet points for easy reading and emphasize transferable skills and accomplishments. Action verbs are helpful when creating bullet points to highlight tasks and accomplishments. Always emphasize the portable skills you take from one position to another. Use measurements or percentages when applicable. For example, I increased productivity by 26%.

Tailor your resume. 

Your resume should reflect the position for which you are applying. Be sure to review the job posting carefully and customize your resume. You will have better results with a custom resume than with just one standard version. Use keywords from the job posting on your resume to catch the eye of the person reviewing it. 

Proofread your resume.

Your resume is an employer's first impression of you and your written communication skills. Any formatting mistakes or typos on the resume can eliminate you from consideration. A spell-check feature does not catch all misspellings and errors. Having another person proofread your work can help catch and eliminate unnecessary errors.


Taking the time to follow these tips will increase your chances of gaining an interview. Our Career Services Department has skilled professionals ready to assist you with your resume needs! They are located on the second floor of the student center on RVC’s Main Campus, or you can schedule an appointment at (815) 921-4100, option 2.

About RVC Career Services

The Career Services, Advising, and Placement department at Rock Valley College serves as a clearing house for off-campus part-time/full-time employment listings. It provides job search skills and career advising. Special attention is given to graduates in all phases of securing employment. Services are available to anyone who has ever taken a class at Rock Valley College. (Pictures: Cindy Smaha, Career Advisor, assists a student with her resume)