RVC Weather Alert For Thursday February 16 2023

RVC Weather Alert for Thursday, February 16, 2023

Posted: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Media Contact: RVC Public Relations, 815-921-4510

As a safety precaution and due to the potential severe snowstorm, Rock Valley College (RVC) will implement a remote workday for Thursday, 2/16/2023. 

Students and visitors can access RVC resources and speak with employees via the telephone, email, or virtual meeting platform. All buildings will be secure, and only authorized employees will be granted access; no students or visitors will be allowed access to any RVC buildings. 

Any scheduled in person classes will transition to an online version for the day. Students should consult the syllabi on how to transitions online. On Friday, 2/17/2023, the college will resume normal operations.

Students who need immediate support on Thursday, 02/16/2023, may contact the following departments:

Admissions: 815-921-4250 rvc-admissions@rockvalleycollege.edu

Records and Registration: 815-921-4250 rvc-records@rockvalleycollege.edu

Academic Advising: 815-921-4100 rvc-ata@rockvalleycollege.edu

Financial Aid: 815-921-4150 rvc-fia@rockvalleycollege.edu