RVC Self Service Is Coming Monday August 28

The countdown has begun for our transition from Online Services to Self Services for students, faculty, and employees! The impact and experience will be a little different for each group, but overall, everyone will notice a significant improvement in navigation, readability, and control of personal information. 

Students can register for classes, pay their bills, and access financial aid, but perhaps the greatest feature will be the ability to view and plug-in courses to a calendar, jump on wait lists and make schedule changes, eliminating an extra step in the scheduling process.

Faculty will notice a streamlined process in accessing rosters, completing EVRs, and entering grades. This will be key to keeping classrooms organized and up-to-date.

Employees will enjoy improved readability and navigation when viewing statements, tax information, stipend history, leave, position history, and current benefits allowing quick and easy access to important documents. 

The transition is scheduled for Monday, August 28. In the meantime, both platforms are available by clicking the Online Services link www.rockvalleycollege.edu/myRVC. Watch your RVC email and RVC social media channels for more information and tutorials for using Self Service.

Access Self Service Tutorials on YouTube