RVC Mass Com Alumni Interview With Andie Palmer

This week we interviewed #RVCMassCom alum Andie Palmer about her time at Mass Com and what they are up to now.

These alumni profiles are all in celebration of the first Mass Com classes at RVC in the 2000-2001 school year and the completion of our instructional and production facility at Rock Valley College in the summer of 2001.

RVC: Why did you want to take RVC Mass Com courses?

Andie: I needed another course in my schedule to complete my Associates, and a friend of mine suggested I take Mass Com's introductory production courses. After that, I enjoyed the program so much that I decided to stick around.

RVC: Did you complete a degree and/or certificate at RVC? If yes, which ones?

Andie: I completed my Associates of Arts as well as my Media Production Specialist certificate.

RVC: What impact did participating in the Mass Com program have on your education, career, and professional accomplishments?

Andie: I didn't really know what exactly I wanted to do after completing my Associates, but I ended up staying on at RVC a little longer after my A.A. to get my certificate. Ultimately, it led to earning my Bachelors in Film and Television Production at USC, and working where I am now.

RVC: What was a favorite Mass Com experience of yours?

Andie: I loved being a Mass Com student worker because it opened up even more opportunities for me to learn about a subject I was passionate about, as well as gave me experience in teaching which was beneficial when I became a Student Assistant for a sound course at USC.

But if I have to choose one specific moment, probably Daniel Crane.

RVC: What is the most important skill you walked away from RVC Mass Com with?

Andie: Wrapping cables.

Just kidding, but the practical knowledge I walked away with from Mass Com definitely helped. For example, I was one of the few students in my USC co-hort who was already very familiar Pro Tools.

RVC: What would you say to someone making that same decision you did to go into RVC Mass Com?

Andie: RVC Mass Com allows you the freedom to create just about anything you can think of as well as provides an opportunity for long-lasting friendships. Whether you just want to take a couple courses for fun, or if you want to go into media you'll be glad you took Mass Com.

RVC: What was your FIRST job post-graduation from Mass Com? (company and title)

Andie: Post-Production PA at Revolution Post

RVC: What is your CURRENT position? (company and title)

Andie: Editorial Department at Lightstorm Entertainment. I’ve been working on the Avatar sequels for about 2.5 years, and I’ve just received word that we’ve gotten union approval to promote me to Apprentice Editor.

RVC: Congrats!! Thanks for the interview!