RVC Art Display Featuring Lisa And Javier Jimenez

Every year the art department at RVC reaches out to local and regional artists to display in our campus showcases. Past displays include a collection of Matta Ortiz pottery from Mexico, a private collector of Chinese ceramics, and a collection of Intaglio prints from a Chicago firm. Faculty art has also been on display from time to time. "We also host an annual regional RVC High School Exhibition and have an Art show of our RVC Art Students at the end of the Spring semester," said Lynn Fischer-Carlson.

This year Lynn is focusing on former students of RVC who have continued a life with art in some way. "I reached out to Lisa and Javier Jimenez as I have worked professionally and socially with them through the years. I had Lisa in ART 121, and Matt Vincent worked with her during her student teaching experience when he taught at Guilford High School over 15 years ago." Lisa is an RVC alumnus, where she earned her associate’s degree and transferred to NIU for her BS in Art Education. During her time at RVC, Lisa took every art course offered and reflects fondly on her time here. "RVC is where I got a chance to experiment with a variety of mediums and lay a strong foundation for my future art career,” said Lisa.

For the last 18+ years, Lisa has been an art educator in the Rockford area, teaching youth from grades 6-12. She is a mixed media artist whose work often incorporates patterns, layers, and inspiration from nature. Her work changes and flows depending on what materials spark her creativity, but she always has her signature whimsical style. Lisa's materials of choice include acrylic & watercolor paint, pen, colored pencil, collage, and even a bit of screen printing.

Javier, in many ways, is a self-taught artist with guidance and instruction from various sources in his early years. In his late teens, he was drawn to screen printing when he and a couple of friends and family members started a commercial printing business together called Connecht. Initially, he saw screen printing as a way to make additional income as well as a way to learn & experiment with a new medium. Around the same time, he took on a steady day job that evolved into his full-time career at a utility company.

“While working a full-time job, I fit in a screen printing class through RVC that gave me the tools I needed to pursue my passion," explained Javier. "By day, I worked long hours while we raised our son, and by night I hustled in the art studio, experimenting and perfecting my craft.”  Over the course of two decades, Javier has created an expansive artistic career, including being a member of the Rockford, Il-based, and internationally known print collective Fatherless.

Javier and Lisa Jimenez have significantly impacted many young and inspiring artists throughout the community through teaching, exhibitions, and participation in other art experiences locally and regionally. Their art is currently on display through October 31 in the Education Resource Center (ERC) building showcase on campus.