Positivity Determination Leading To Bright Future

For many students, college can be overwhelming. Between late-night study sessions and early morning classes, students rely on developing study habits, maintaining healthy relationships, and taking advantage of campus resources. But what about students who double major?

Ethan Quirk is heading into his third year at the college, pursuing Creative Writing and Computer Science. “I was drawn to the programs by my fascination with computers and the urge to tell stories.”

“On my educational journey, I did have to overcome some obstacles by working harder and focusing on myself,” shared Ethan. “RVC has helped me to pursue/complete my goals by giving me the materials to succeed and help if I feel overwhelmed.”

Ethan added, “What I like most about RVC is the number of spaces to relax and the people who are available to help students.”

Professor Jim Conley is one of the people Ethan attributes to helping him along his educational journey. “During my computer classes with Professor Conley,” shared Ethan, “he provided me with tips to help me succeed.”

“I had Ethan for a few classes last Spring,” added Professor Conley. “Ethan was a very diligent, serious student. He was extremely polite and very respectful. Ethan was one of the few who always came to the classroom to study. During our chats, I gave him a few tips on how to best prepare for exams.”

Ethan’s experience in his English classes was similar. Dr. Sarah Etlinger shared, “Ethan is a wonderful student. I’ve had him in several classes, and I’ve known him for a while. Ethan is always willing to listen to others, even when they have different ideas than he does.”

And his attitude is a large part of what sets him up for success in his educational career. “Ethan is dedicated to his interests and studies and takes them very seriously,” added Dr. Etlinger, “He is also curious and intellectual in a very mature way.”

In addition to his professors, Ethan’s support system includes Dr. Martin Quirk. Dr. Quirk is also a professor, but he is better known to Ethan as his father. “I chose to attend Rock Valley College because my father is a professor at the college, and I thought it would be nice to join him,” shared Ethan.

Ethan’s positive attitude, focus, and determination are ultimately what set him up for success. After RVC, Ethan plans to attend Northern Illinois University to pursue a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in English and Computer Science. He hopes to land a job with CCNA or begin his journey of writing successful novels.

“For other individuals who are considering RVC, my best advice is to take advantage of the various services at the college, make sure to turn in homework on time, and don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Ethan said. “And be sure to make some friends at the college.”