Paris Jones Finds New Adventures At RVC

Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Paris Jones never dreamed she would have a chance to attend school nearly 1700 miles away from home. As a skilled and enthusiastic volleyball player in high school, she caught the attention of RVC Head Volleyball Coach Kristy Pierce. Soon after, Paris was offered to play for RVC as a recruit. “Paris has energy and passion for the game of volleyball, “said Coach Pierce. “I found it infectious while recruiting her.”The decision to accept the offer was challenging, given the distance, but it soon became apparent that it was one of her best choices ever. “Coach Pierce presented me with an opportunity I could not resist,” said Paris. Once on campus, she was asked to become a Student Ambassador.

While Paris wasn’t drawn to a particular area of study, she decided to pursue an interest in real estate and is currently studying Business. She believes getting her degree will put her in an excellent competitive position to start her career. “I think my biggest educational obstacle would be starting my education across the country,” explained Paris. “Being so far from home is hard for me. It sometimes makes me a little distracted and unmotivated.”

Despite a few adjustments, Paris found the Rockford area an easy place to call home. When deciding to attend RVC, she visualized herself and her life here. “If you cannot picture enjoying your time in a new place, making new friends, and engaging in activities, it’s probably not the best pick for you,” said Paris. Over the past few months, she’s had a chance to visit some of our local attractions including hiking through Rock Cut State Park and exploring Rockford City Market’s music and food vendors. 

Her favorite experience about RVC has been the friendly, family-oriented environment on campus. Everyone has been welcoming and making friends and getting comfortable has been easy. “RVC provides many resources and help for many different subjects, whether it be school, real-life, or personal issues,” said Paris. Finding funding sources to continue her education is one thing she worries less about these days. The Financial Aid office has worked closely with her to ensure she has the necessary tools to attend school. Campus counselors have connected her to the emergency funding program through the RVC Foundation, and additional support has been available to her through the TRIO program. The RVC tutoring program has helped her get through challenging coursework and kept her on track.

Gaining confidence being so far away from home has given Paris a feeling that there’s more of the world to explore. After completing her coursework at RVC, she plans to transfer to a university to continue her volleyball career and complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business.