Love, Legacy, and Learning at the Heart of the 2024 Respiratory Care Pinning Ceremony

Rock Valley College (RVC) Trustee Robert “Bob” Trojan knows firsthand the profound impact that respiratory therapists have on their patients.

Trustee Trojan stands in a navy suit with his arm around Crystal who is pictured in her cap and gown

RVC Trustee Bob Trojan and Crystal Robles

His beloved late wife, Norma, suffered from COPD, and during her time in hospice care, Bob witnessed the dedication and compassion of respiratory therapists who helped improve her quality of life in her final months.

The 2024 RVC Respiratory Pinning Ceremony holds a deep significance for Bob. In honor of Norma, who passed away in 2021, he established a scholarship for respiratory therapists in her name. At this year's ceremony, he had the honor of seeing Crystal Robles, the first recipient of Norma’s scholarship, receive her pin and complete the program.

“I'm so proud, and I know Norma would be, too, that Crystal is the first recipient of this scholarship. I applaud all 16 Respiratory Care graduates. It is a noble profession that exists to help people, and I think you've chosen wisely,” said Trojan, addressing the graduating class of respiratory therapists.

The ceremony also celebrated three students who earned a place in the Lambda Beta Honor Society, an honor society for respiratory care that was established in 1986 to promote and recognize scholarship. This year's inductees, Ashlyn Enck, Morgan Lewis, and Crystal Robles, exemplify the academic excellence the society honors.

Student Speaker and program valedictorian Morgan Lewis provided a heartfelt address to her fellow graduates. 

I'm honored to have been given this opportunity to represent our class. These past two years have not been easy, but with perseverance and resilience, we have made it to the end, and that's a great accomplishment. The program has not only given us a lifelong career, saving lives and doing what we love, but also lifelong friendships that we will forever cherish. I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

The Sunflower Award, presented annually to an exceptional student or member of the healthcare team, was awarded to Susie Sanchez for her constant reassurance and positive attitude. Known for her kindness and her habit of celebrating classmates' birthdays, Sanchez embodies the spirit of camaraderie and support.

Congratulations to our community’s newest respiratory therapists. RVC proudly welcomes you into our Alumni Network.

  • Lauren A. Brackett
  • Ashlyn A. Enck
  • Connie Gloria
  • Caitlin N. Hunt
  • Shartavia T. Horton-Davis
  • Onessa Hueramo
  • Jennifer Jimenez
  • Bianca C. Juarez-Patlan
  • Morgan N. Lewis
  • Anacelia McGee
  • Kelynn Murphy
  • Lynn M. Reyes
  • Crystal Robles
  • Vannesa Sanchez
  • Susan Schaffer
  • Samuel A. Zaccanti

As these graduates enter their careers, they carry a legacy of compassion and excellence. Their journey, marked by dedication and resilience, sets a powerful example of the impact that skilled and caring professionals can have on the lives of those they serve.