BHM Student Spotlight: Kavonnie Dotson

During Black History Month, we celebrate Kavonnie Dotson, a fantastic student at Rock Valley College (RVC). His journey shows us how hard work and determination can lead to success.


Kavonnie Dotson

BHM Student Spotlight: Kavonnie Dotson

Kavonnie didn't originally plan to go to RVC. “My mom informed me about the involvement and the opportunities of benefiting at RVC than a university alone.  Faithfully, I ended up getting the Rockford Promise scholarship at Rock Valley which was splendid,” said Kavonnie. “Later, I felt that RVC was the best option after listing out my pros and cons of what university/ college of my choosing.”

Kavonnie loves learning about education, especially Special Education. In high school, he joined a club called Best Buddies, where he made friends with people who have disabilities. He thinks of it as a club where everyone feels like family.

At RVC, Kavonnie found lots of chances to make friends, learn about different cultures, and try new things. He believes RVC is perfect for people who want to succeed and make a difference in the world. Kavonnie has been involved with clubs and organizations in campus including Student Government Association (SGA) Disability Senator, Rockford Promise Scholars Vice President & Treasurer, Black Male Completion Initiative (BMCI) Vice President, and Delta Alpha Phi.

“Kavonnie Dotson is an exceptional student who is always willing to lend a helping hand to others and is very involved on campus,” said Sheila Ogbevire, RVC Student Activities Coordinator. “He is outgoing and has been actively participating in many Student Life clubs such as Promise Scholars, BMCI, SGA, and CAB. Kavonnie consistently takes the initiative to push himself, whether it's by running for homecoming court and winning two years in a row or by vying for the position of commencement speaker for graduation. His dedication to RVC and his bright future makes him a standout student.”

Even though Kavonnie faced some challenges, like trying to get extra help, he didn't give up. He believed that if certain programs weren't right for him, it was okay. With the support of his faith and determination, he kept going.

“Getting help from tutors whether they're from Trio and etc. and having events like job fairs/ college fairs has helped me enormously,” said Kavonnie. “The classes which are my favorite especially for being a special ed pre-educator gives you the opportunity to experience being a teacher whether it's virtually or in-person. This college RVC is wonderful for people that's hungry for success and want to be someone in the world.”

Kavonnie's motto is "expect the unexpected." He encourages other students to try new things and get involved. He believes that through hard work and staying positive, anyone can achieve their goals. His plans after RVC include transferring to a university to receive his bachelor's in special education.

As we celebrate Black History Month, Kavonnie's story reminds us of the importance of perseverance and believing in ourselves. His journey shows that with dedication and a positive attitude, we can overcome obstacles and reach our dreams. Kavonnie's determination to make a difference in the world embodies the spirit of Black excellence.