Automotive Student Takes The Stage

When Rock Valley College automotive student Timmy Schneeberg was in high school, music and theatre provided a much-needed outlet and a sense of belonging. After high school, Timmy explored community theatre options around his hometown of West Allis, Wisconsin but was never able to find one that fit. So, when he got the offer to relocate to Rockford with his best friend, he jumped at the opportunity.

“After a long heartfelt goodbye,” described Timmy, “I took my things, hit the road, and moved to Rockford. I worked at some box store jobs and started looking around at colleges and possible career paths.”

While his heart was in the arts, Timmy knew that a degree in automotive service technology was his ultimate goal, but he struggled to find the right college option. That was a process that would take Timmy nearly three years. But, when he finally found RVC, he said, “It honestly was the best move I’ve ever made.”

“I initially chose RVC because of the reasonable tuition and the ease of getting to campus,” said Timmy. He stays at RVC for “The amazing teachers who are always willing to help.”

According to RVC automotive faculty John Skupien, “Timmy is very positive, and it’s almost infectious. He takes on whatever challenge we give him while maintaining his usual positive attitude.”

That positive outlook comes in handy for Timmy. “In my journey, there have been some challenges because I don’t know everything like I’d like to think. There’s always a new or different way of doing something to a vehicle. I’ve learned how my professors would go about doing something, and I have truly learned from them,” he explained.

He just completed his first year of automotive studies and can be seen onstage in three Starlight productions this summer. Not only has Timmy become a member of Starlight Theatre’s day crew, but he can also be seen in The Little Mermaid, Hello, Dolly!, and How I Became a Pirate.

Timmy has found that he can combine his automotive and arts passions here at Rock Valley College. Picking one over the other was a choice he doesn’t have to face at RVC.

“I would just like to say the experience has been amazing, and now I’m hooked and do not want to give this up.”

“RVC has helped me in many ways. Right out of high school, I always assumed I’d never be good enough for college or have what it takes. My drive for automotive has always been so strong – I have been doing it since I could walk and turn a wrench with my uncle. I always wanted to get my degree, one to help me in this big world, and two to be the first of 8 kids to get their degree,” continued Timmy.

After finishing his degree at RVC, Timmy plans to find employment in an auto shop in Rockford. And, he plans to stay involved at Starlight Theatre. He is, after all, hooked.

Timmy has this advice for students considering RVC. “If I could say one thing, it would be, come along and begin your journey here. The welcoming and energizing atmosphere is so strong, and there’s always help right around the corner.”