Employee Directory

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First Name Last Name Title Department Phone Email
Sharla Parsons Research Associate Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4071 S.Parsons@RockValleyCollege.edu
Melissa Sugrue Faculty (pt) Speech M.Sugrue@RockValleyCollege.edu
Miki Bacino Faculty Speech (815) 921-3342 M.Bacino@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Betts Faculty Speech (815) 921-3344 R.Betts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kerry Burd Faculty (pt) Psychology (815) 921-3328 K.Burd@RockValleyCollege.edu
Luke D'Angelo Tech Works Training Instructor (pt) Business Outreach Office L.D'Angelo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Diana Rippentrop Faculty Academic Affairs (815) 921-3506 D.Rippentrop@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lynn Fischer-Carlson Faculty Art (815) 921-3348 L.Fischer-Carlson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erin Fisher Faculty Psychology (815) 921-3386 E.Fisher@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rachel Handlin Instructor (pt) Community Education R.Handlin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sharon Hartung Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center S.Hartung@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Hatten Faculty Fitness, Wellness and Sport (815) 921-3816 T.Hatten@RockValleyCollege.edu
Angelo O'Dierno Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Carol Anderson Faculty Mathematics (815) 921-3518 C.Anderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cassiopeia Paslick Faculty Geoscience (815) 921-3419 C.Paslick@RockValleyCollege.edu
Martin Quirk Faculty History (815) 921-3391 M.Quirk@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michelle Rotert Faculty Philosophy (815) 921-3354 M.Rotert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Sicotte Faculty Economics (815) 921-3394 C.Sicotte@RockValleyCollege.edu
Matthew Vincent Faculty Art (815) 921-3355 M.Vincent@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Youngblood Faculty Economics (815) 921-3395 M.Youngblood@RockValleyCollege.edu
Heather Snider Vice President Institutional Effectiveness & Communications Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4075 H.Snider@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joann Losavio Faculty (pt) Anthropology J.Losavio@RockValleyCollege.edu
Melissa Gear Service Delivery Manager/Training Coordinator Information Technology (815) 921-4832 M.Gear@RockValleyCollege.edu
Denise Anderson Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3180 d.anderson@rockvalleycollege.edu
Laura Fry Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport L.Fry@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dawn Ousley Customized Training/Sales Specialist Business Outreach Office (815) 921-2066 D.Ousley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sean Bilodeau Maintenance IV Carpentry Door Hardware Specialist Plant Operations & Maintenance S.Bilodeau@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shanon Mitchell Classroom Aide TPT Disability Support Services
Erna Colborn Instructor (pt) Community Education E.Colborn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julie Boggie Administrative Assistant III RVC Police Department (815) 921-4356 J.Boggie@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Wahlquist Faculty (pt) Music J.Wahlquist@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Rose Instructor (pt) Community Education
David Anderzon Coordinator, Outreach & Scholarships Financial Aid (815) 921-4154 D.Anderzon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tracy Henness Faculty (pt) Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3548 T.Henness@RockValleyCollege.edu
Todd Dailing Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3011 T.Dailing@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Owens Special Assignment Womens Basketball Athletics
Bobbi Chance Instructor (pt) Community Education B.Chance@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kevin Countryman Faculty (pt) Fire Science K.Countryman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Foreman Instructor (pt) Community Education M.Foreman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Judith Runne Clinical Instructor (pt) Dental Hygiene J.Runne@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kathyrn Dabbs TPT Testing Center Assistant Testing Center (815) 921-2387 K.Dabbs@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jodi Beach Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
George Winiarski Manager of Creative Services Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4515 G.Winiarski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Susan Maragi Testing Assistant - CPT Testing Center (815) 921-2384 S.Maragi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Antonia Finocchio Teacher Aide Adult Education & Literacy A.Finocchio@RockValleyCollege.edu
Suzanne Miller Faculty Sociology (815) 921-3382 S.Miller@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Morgan Transitions Coordinator RVC Downtown (815) 921-4296 J.Morgan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Travis Vanderhayden HVAC Mechanic Boiler House T.Vanderhayden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrea Angileri Faculty (pt) Child Care (815) 921-3326 A.Angileri@RockValleyCollege.edu
Victoria Benson Administrative Assistant II Theatre & Arts Park (815) 921-2167 V.Benson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Audra Jarvis Faculty Certified Nursing Assistant (815) 921-3229 A.Jarvis@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Skupien Faculty Automotive (815) 921-3002 J.Skupien@RockValleyCollege.edu
Samantha Hacker Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt) Community Education S.Hacker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Raymond Dzielak Truck Driver Training Instructor Business Outreach Office R.Dzielak@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sharie Holub Administrative Assistant II Mathematics & Sciences (815) 921-3471 S.Holub@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gail Lee Instructor (pt) Continuing Education (815) 921-1403 G.Lee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Barbara Hopper Coordinator Temporary Pt Surgical Technology (815) 921-3205 B.Hopper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Patterson Manager Community Education (815) 921-3901 K.Patterson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sara Okey Upward Bound Summer Instructor - Temp TRiO Upward Bound
David Wedwick Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3531 D.Wedwick@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrea McCauley Personal & Success Counselor Personal & Success Counseling (815) 921-4105 A.McCauley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ronald Ashelford Welding Instructor, RTC Outreach and Planning R.Ashelford@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debra Nelson Desktop Engineer Information Technology (815) 921-3103 D.Nelson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kerri Shaw Faculty English (815) 921-3309 K.Shaw@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christine O'Neil Enterprise Systems Developer Information Technology (815) 921-2364 C.Oneil@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Stein Faculty (pt) Music (815) 921-3320 T.Stein@RockValleyCollege.edu
Theresa James Director, Environmental Health & Safety RVC Police Department (815) 921-4305 T.James@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Carlson Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program C.Carlson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Nordstrom Early College Coordinator Early College (815) 921-4095 J.Nordstrom@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natalie Mahaney Sign Language Interpreter Disability Support Services (815) 921-2358 N.Mahaney@RockValleyCollege.edu
Milana Herman Program Manager Financial Aid (815) 921-4163 M.Herman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paul Hill Tutor/ESL (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center
Thomas Porter Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3542 T.Porter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Monique Aduddell Faculty (pt) Speech M.Aduddell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebecca Bach Administrative Assistant II Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2001 R.Bach@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carmen Turner Production Technician II Theatre & Arts Park (815) 921-2158 C.Turner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Megan Pease Faculty Biology (815) 921-3423 M.Pease@RockValleyCollege.edu
Aaron Clinton Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance A.Clinton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Carlson Mentor PT Temp Allied Health M.Carlson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Terri Popp Instructor (pt) Community Education T.Popp@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christine Garner Stage Manager - Winter Traditions Temp Pt Theatre & Arts Park C.Garner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Curtis Sockwell Faculty (pt) Criminal Justice C.Sockwell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Melissa Young Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Kelly Cooper Faculty (pt) Student Dev & Dean of Students K.Cooper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hazem Diab Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3170 H.Diab@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Lindblade Instructor, Pt Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1298 J.Lindblade@RockValleyCollege.edu
Steve Wong Faculty Business (815) 921-3108 S.Wong@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tammie Ciciura Instructor (pt) Community Education T.Ciciura@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tanya Watts Faculty (pt) Biology T.Watts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dave Keaggy Desktop Engineer Information Technology (815) 921-4876 D.Keaggy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shannon Lee Staff Accountant Financial Services (815) 921-4468 S.Lee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Zachary Corrigan Faculty (pt) Speech Z.Corrigan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elroy Hilbert Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3025 E.Hilbert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marcy Delia Graphic Designer Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4508 M.Delia@RockValleyCollege.edu
Susan Stopoulos Sign Language Interpreter Disability Support Services (815) 921-2359 S.Stopoulos@rockvalleycollege.edu
Lisa Alexander Faculty (pt) English (815) 921-3306 L.Alexander@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alex Gary Special Assignment Mens Basketball Athletics A.Gary@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lashandale Fricks Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy N.Fricks@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Nolley HVAC Mechanic Boiler House D.Nolley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ed Pawelski Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Tasha Neisewander Intercultural Student Coordinator Intercultural Student Services (815) 921-4251 T.Neisewander@rockvalleycollege.edu
Callan Anderzon Registration Assistant Records and Registration (815) 921-4256 C.Anderzon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bruce Roberts Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program B.Roberts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Bock Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center R.Bock@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lawrence Bauer Faculty (pt) Political Science (815) 921-1207 L.Bauer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jan Blankenship GEF-Spec Assignment Fitness, Wellness and Sport J.Blankenship@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lloyd Roberts Faculty - Sub Mathematics L.Roberts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kari Hearns Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3271 K.Hearns@RockValleyCollege.edu
Diane Bainter Manager Accounts Receivable (815) 921-4416 D.Bainter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Adolphson Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3015 M.Adolphson@rockvalleycollege.edu
Lori Nemec Distribution Center Technician Mail and Distribution Center (815) 921-4457 L.Nemec@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeanne Ludeke Faculty (pt) Art (815) 921-2017 J.Ludeke@RockValleyCollege.edu
F Brun Faculty Accounting (815) 921-3253 F.Brun@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joann Heck Faculty English (815) 921-3325 J.Heck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Kieper Faculty Speech (815) 921-3350 A.Kieper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ryan Tillmann Coordinator of Student Loans Financial Aid (815) 921-4153 R.Tillmann@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christine Garbe Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3263 C.Garbe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Larry Clevenger Faculty (pt) Welding L.Clevenger@RockValleyCollege.edu
James McDowell Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Betty Hoshaw Payroll Assistant Accounts Payable/Payroll (815) 921-4427 B.Hoshaw@RockValleyCollege.edu
Eric Wilson Faculty (pt) Mass Communication E.Wilson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brian Nicolls Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-4365 B.Nicolls@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeffrey Petty Faculty Welding (815) 921-3543 J.Petty@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrea Mahnesmith Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement A.Mahnesmith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lori Cazel Instructor (pt) Community Education L.Cazel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kevin Wilson Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance K.Wilson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Pauline Urso Choreographer Temp Pt Theatre & Arts Park
Lisa DuSavage Administrative Assistant II Enrollment (815) 921-4276 L.DuSavage@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christine Lott Interim Director of Human Resources Human Resources (815) 921-4267 C.Lott@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jan-Nicholas Korneski Maintenance IV Buildings Tool Crib Manager Plant Operations & Maintenance J.Korneski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeanne Ellis Administrative Assistant II Communications and Humanities (815) 921-3338 J.Ellis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Frank Calvagna Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3403 F.Calvagna@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ellen Olson Vice President of Finance, CFO Finance (815) 921-4402 E.Olson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tabitha Sims Director Enrolled Services Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2251 T.Sims2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Crystal Matlock Lead Tutor/Teacher (pt) TRiO Upward Bound C.Matlock@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julie Tackett Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy J.Tackett@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jerry LaBuy Faculty Mass Communication (815) 921-3360 J.LaBuy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Deborah Gaines Instructor (pt) Community Education D.Gaines@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lisa Leden Faculty Biology (815) 921-3489 L.Leden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jenny Kosinski Faculty Sociology (815) 921-3393 J.Kosinski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Mickelson Curriculum Coordinator Academic Affairs (815) 921-4257 J.Mickelson@rockvalleycollege.edu
David Willis Truck Driver Training Instructor Business Outreach Office D.Willis@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Hoshaw Sergeant, Ft RVC Police Department (815) 921-4376 J.Hoshaw@RockValleyCollege.edu
Inger Langsholt Instructor (pt) Community Education I.Langsholt@RockValleyCollege.edu
Edward Ebens Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3133 E.Ebens@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shawn Doyle Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3182 S.Doyle@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rosemari Cain Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1216 R.Cain@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Kunkel Faculty Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3111 J.Kunkel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Greg Cote Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3551 G.Cote@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amy Heilman Program Director Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2272 A.Heilman@rockvalleycollege.edu
Lynnell Brownlee Faculty (pt) Nursing L.Brownlee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Keiko Hall Instructor (pt) Continuing Education K.Hall@RockValleyCollege.edu
Audrey Pearson Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3178 A.Pearson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Scott Fustin Faculty Graphic Arts Technology (815) 921-3053 S.Fustin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marc Rubert Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-4372 M.Rubert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joy Wilson Administrative Assistant I - Temp RVC Downtown
Gwendolyn Zimmerman Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3281 G.Zimmerman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shane Hartje Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Hartje@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrew Raffety Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center
Gregory Schraiber Enterprise Systems Developer Information Technology (815) 921-4835 G.Schraiber@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Turner Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3532 R.Turner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Worden Accounting Manager Financial Services (815) 921-4420 M.Worden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patrick Tomlin Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3533 P.Tomlin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amy Brummett Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant A.Brummett@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Smith Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-1246 S.Smith2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Brady Director, Theatre and Arts Park Theatre & Arts Park (815) 921-2151 C.Brady@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joshua Harding Faculty (pt) Fire Science J.Harding@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carl Trank Faculty Academic Affairs (815) 921-3502 C.Trank@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robin Shaw Manager - Distribution and Print Services Mail and Distribution Center (815) 921-4491 R.Shaw@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lisa Miller Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Erica Natal Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant (815) 921-1231 E.Natal@RockValleyCollege.edu
William Isham Faculty Welding (815) 921-3546 W.Isham@RockValleyCollege.edu
Megan Alsip Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy M.Alsip@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Stivers Instructor (pt) Community Education A.Stivers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shu-Tehu Maati Ra Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Ra@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Anderson Instructor (pt) Continuing Education M.Anderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Donna Alton Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant D.Alton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Campisi Instructor (pt) Continuing Education E.Campisi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paul Lindquist Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3181 P.Lindquist@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christy Russell Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant C.Russell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bretta Holstein Faculty, Pt Graphic Arts Technology (815) 921-3327 B.Holstein@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paul Wieland Career Planner Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2213 P.Wieland@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joseph Dunker Hcctp Construction Field Supervisor/Instructor Continuing Education J.Dunker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joseph Montavon Instructor (pt) Continuing Education J.Montavon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Burkhart Faculty - Summer Pt Aviation Technology
Diane French Tutoring Assistant - (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center (815) 921-2352 D.French@RockValleyCollege.edu
Willie Ashford Grant Writer Tpt Institutional Research and Eff W.Ashford@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jamie Beck Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant J.Beck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Kunnert Scibona Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1215 L.Kunnert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Kluzak Instructor (pt) Continuing Education C.Kluzak@RockValleyCollege.edu
Greg Heckman Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3014 G.Heckman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yolanda Price Dowthard Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) Student Life Coach Workforce Development (815) 921-4022 Y.PriceDowthard@RockValleyCollege.edu
Raeann Austin Instructor (pt) Community Education R.Austin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jay Calvagna Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4814 J.Calvagna@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Russo Faculty Biology (815) 921-3477 E.Russo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Leah Carlson Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1238 L.Carlson2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Adam Murphy Distribution Center Technician Mail and Distribution Center (815) 921-4458 A.Murphy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Casandra Johnson Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Melissa Pettigrew Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing M.Pettigrew@rockvalleycollege.edu
Abigail Ross Faculty (pt) Anthropology (815) 921-1272 A.Ross@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hannah Sleger Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Caroline Jones Faculty (pt) English C.Jones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Daniel Leake Welding Instructor, RTC Outreach and Planning D.Leake@RockValleyCollege.edu
Linda Scherbarth Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy L.Scherbarth@RockValleyCollege.edu
George Bane Faculty Welding (815) 921-3004 G.Bane@RockValleyCollege.edu
Vincent Caiozzo Faculty (pt) Mass Communication V.Caiozzo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cindy Holloway Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant C.Holloway@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rhonda Yaun Administrative Assistant II Community, Career, and Tech Ed (815) 921-3203 R.Yaun@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nancy Spahr Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy N.Spahr@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Clark Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3173 T.Clark@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Lonsway Career Advisor Career Services (815) 921-4111 A.Lonsway@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Poole Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance T.Poole@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nadia Mohamed Faculty (pt) French N.Mohamed@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erika Dusavage Administrative Assistant II (CPT) Records and Registration E.Dusavage@RockValleyCollege.edu
Deborah Green Faculty - Sub Nursing
Joel Hallstrom Faculty (pt) Fire Science J.Hallstrom@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lucas Greenlee Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3106 L.Greenlee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tracy Luethje Administrative Assistant III Operations (815) 921-4753 T.Luethje@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julie Schneider Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant J.Schneider@RockValleyCollege.edu
Megan Olsen Records Assistant Records and Registration (815) 921-4260 M.Olsen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Daniel Rohrer Career Planner Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2215 D.Rohrer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Lindsey Human Resources Information Analyst Human Resources (815) 921-4755 J.Lindsey@rockvalleycollege.edu
Anne Connors Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1587 A.Connors@RockValleyCollege.edu
Suzy Theisen Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Theisen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Roloff Welch Faculty English (815) 921-3323 J.RoloffWelch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Melanie Richardson Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy M.Richardson@RockValleyCollege.edu
P Robert Maculan Equipment & Vehicle Technician Plant Operations & Maintenance (815) 921-4307 P.Maculan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maureen Miller Benefits & Wellness Coordinator Human Resources (815) 921-4756 M.Miller2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debra Webb Instructor (pt) Continuing Education D.Webb@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jon Johann Team Lead HVAC Maintenance Mechanic IV Boiler House (815) 921-4309 J.Johann@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jody Dal Santo Coordinator, Traffic Safety Program Traffic Safety Program (815) 921-3942 J.DalSanto@RockValleyCollege.edu
Angela Anderson Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing A.Anderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Freund Faculty (pt) Nursing J.Freund2@RockValleyCollege.edu
James Johann Manager of Building & Grounds Plant Operations & Maintenance (815) 921-4327 J.Johann2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Jansen Faculty (pt) Welding (815) 921-3171 C.Jansen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephen Ragsdale Instructor (pt) Community Education
Gary Kardell Faculty (pt) Business (815) 921-3107 G.Kardell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Hoffland Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3282 A.Hoffland@rockvalleycollege.edu
Stella Dobbins Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Dobbins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cheryl Zolper Instructor (pt) Community Education C.Zolper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lisa Mehlig Executive Director of Outcomes Assessment/Hlc Liaison North Central Assoc Accred (815) 921-4070 L.Mehlig@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Wallace Tech Works Training Instructor (pt) Business Outreach Office T.Wallace@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ellen Njolstad-Oksnevad Dean, Allied Health Allied Health (815) 921-3273 E.NjolstadOksnevad@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Hopkins Faculty - Sub Criminal Justice (815) 921-3251 D.Hopkins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Greg Panzella GEF-Spec Assignment Fitness, Wellness and Sport G.Panzella@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Raley Faculty (pt) English E.Raley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sonia Medrano Testing Specialist Testing Center (815) 921-4842 S.Medrano@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jill Lee Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant J.Lee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Arline Lawson Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4824 A.Lawson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Jenks Vice President of Operations/Chief Operations Officer (COO) Operations (815) 921-4445 R.Jenks@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Peck Maintenance III Grounds Plant Operations & Maintenance J.Peck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Constant Faculty Biology (815) 921-3407 L.Constant@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brandon Hilstad Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3023 B.Hilstad@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tammy Lewis Program Director Cntr for Learning in Retiremnt (815) 921-3933 T.Lewis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maria Figiel-Krueger Reference Coordinator Library (815) 921-4606 M.Figiel-Krueger@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Finnegan Faculty (pt) Student Dev & Dean of Students (815) 921-1209 M.Finnegan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cynthia Smaha Career Services Specialist Career Services (815) 921-4146 C.Smaha@rockvalleycollege.edu
Lisa Graciana Faculty Dental Hygiene (815) 921-3240 l.graciana@rockvalleycollege.edu
Valerie Olafson Faculty (pt) Art (815) 921-3313 V.Olafson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nancy McDonald Grant Coordinator Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4641 N.McDonald@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Gocken Director of Institutional Research Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4073 R.Gocken@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marie Navickis Faculty Dental Hygiene (815) 921-3206 M.Navickis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karla Dorgan Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
John Jamont Traffic Safety Assistant II Traffic Safety Program (815) 921-3944 J.Jamont@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicholas Rockers Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center N.Rockers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jacquelyn Rogers Career Planner Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2208 J.Rogers@rockvalleycollege.edu
Tamera Foley Faculty (pt) Child Care T.Foley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Beatrice Miller Administrative Assistant III Workforce Development (815) 921-4297 B.Miller@RockValleyCollege.edu
Luz Ramirez Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park L.Ramirez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bethany Schoepski Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center B.Schoepski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Russell Interim Director of Records and Registration/Registrar Records and Registration (815) 921-4148 S.Russell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rylee Antczak Billing & Sponsorship Coordinator Accounts Receivable (815) 921-4417 R.Antczak@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kylie Davison Events & Facilities Coordinator Facilities Planning and POM (815) 921-4322 K.Davison@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Jensen Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Amanda Flynn Instructor (pt) Continuing Education
Mary Flynn Faculty Education (815) 921-2366 M.Flynn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kathryn Heitzman Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt) Community Education K.Heitzman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Wendy Taylor Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3511 W.Taylor@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tony Hall Coach-Head Bowling Athletics T.Hall@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yvonne Busker Manager Continuing Education Workforce Development (815) 921-3905 Y.Busker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julienne Jackson Faculty (pt) Art J.Jackson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maria Salazar Aviation Maint Tech Program Coordinator Aviation Technology (815) 921-3016 M.Salazar@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cathy Nation Administrative Assistant II Allied Health (815) 921-3261 C.Nation@RockValleyCollege.edu
Diane Bosley Administrative Assistant II Early College & Tech Programs (815) 921-4202 D.Bosley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marjorie Veitch Planned RVC Instruction Transitional Opp & Career Educ M.Veitch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carie Harling Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center C.Harling@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Clayton Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant M.Clayton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lori McKinney Manager Testing Center (815) 921-2386 L.McKinney@RockValleyCollege.edu
Vicki Lay Program Director Traffic Safety Program (815) 921-3946 V.Lay@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dwight Johnson Assistant Coach W-Softball Athletics (815) 921-3812 D.Johnson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natalie Holzhauer Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport N.Holzhauer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karen McCarthy Instructor (pt) Community Education
Krista Fletcher Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy K.Fletcher@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Laubenstein Instructor (pt) Community Education M.Laubenstein@RockValleyCollege.edu
Verna Rentsch Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy V.Rentsch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Thompson Executive Director of College Communications Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4516 J.Thompson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Meyer Instructor (pt) Community Education
Charles Corley Instructor (pt) Continuing Education C.Corley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sue Michaelsen Instructor (pt) Community Education M.Michaelsen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Tilford Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt) Community Education J.Tilford@RockValleyCollege.edu
Glen Gabel Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy
Michael Miller Faculty Automotive (815) 921-3019 M.Miller@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristen Schinault Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy K.Schinault@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jon Chapman Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship J.Chapman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Judith Hamilton Human Resources Business Partner Human Resources (815) 921-4751 J.Hamilton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jaqueline Casstevens Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing J.Casstevens@RockValleyCollege.edu
Randy Flavin Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance (815) 921-1527 R.Flavin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Zachery Caccia Faculty (pt) Welding (815) 921-3553 Z.Caccia@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marcia Abrahams Administrative Assistant II Dean of Students (815) 921-4101 M.Abrahams@rockvalleycollege.edu
Kimberly Mancilla Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Surgical Technology K.Mancilla@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tammy Batson Faculty (pt) Economics T.Batson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brent Eckert Technical Services Coordinator Library (815) 921-4604 B.Eckert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rhonda Hutter Retention Specialist Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4124 R.Hutter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chad Roth Coordinator Fire Science (815) 921-3256 C.Roth@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amy Anderson Faculty (pt) Medical Term Certified Nursing Assistant A.Anderson2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mitchell Dally Maintenance II/Grounds Grounds (815) 921-1521 M.Dally@RockValleyCollege.edu
Beth Krupke Administrative Assistant (pt) TRIO Complete (815) 921-4114 B.Krupke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shannon Redden Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Redden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephanie Tubutis Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Tubutis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Vause Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park J.Vause@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebecca Erickson Library Asst-CPT Library (815) 921-4617 R.Erickson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ann Kerwitz Assistant to President President (815) 921-4001 A.Kerwitz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Charles Sitenga Faculty (pt) Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3537 C.Sitenga@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kathleen McCarty Administrative Assistant III Academic & Student Affairs (815) 921-4009 K.McCarty@RockValleyCollege.edu
Danielle Addington Network Engineer Information Technology (815) 921-4858 D.Addington@RockValleyCollege.edu
Heather Kelley College Relations Coordinator Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4513 H.Kelley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Gelacio Non-Credit Administrative Coordinator Business Outreach Office (815) 921-2076 E.Gelacio@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stuart Berg Instructor (pt) Continuing Education
Carol Griesbach Tutor Supervisor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center (815) 921-2351 C.Griesbach@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lora McClelland Mentor PT Temp Allied Health L.McClelland@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Sams Tech Works Training Instructor (pt) Business Outreach Office J.Sams@RockValleyCollege.edu
Theresa Gilbert Faculty English (815) 921-3311 T.Gilbert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marilyn Spielman Instructor (pt) Continuing Education M.Spielman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Phyllis Flanagan Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1293 P.Flanagan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kaye Eckstaine Mentor PT Temp Allied Health K.Eckstaine@RockValleyCollege.edu
William Walters Faculty English (815) 921-3319 W.Walters@RockValleyCollege.edu
Krista Schoonover Instructor (pt) Community Education K.Schoonover@RockValleyCollege.edu
George Parker Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3544 G.Parker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Saundra Glusman Administrative Assistant III Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4072 S.Glusman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Frances Vinik Programmer/Analyst Institutional Research & Effectiveness Institutional Research and Eff F.Vinik@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ivelisse Carrion Faculty (pt) Mathematics I.Carrion@RockValleyCollege.edu
Janet Taylor Executive Director of Facilities and Operations Facilities Planning and POM (815) 921-4324 J.Taylor@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lonnie Iske Instructional Tech/Lab Attendant (pt) Mass Communication (815) 921-3359 L.Iske@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Fricke Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3110 R.Fricke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Kelley Faculty Geoscience (815) 921-3414 M.Kelley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Shrader Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt) Community Education K.Shrader@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Dougherty Instructor (pt) Continuing Education E.Dougherty@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Knezel Tutor(pt) TRIO Complete J.Knezel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Peter Girardin Maintenance IV Building Plant Operations & Maintenance P.Girardin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Darrick Wessel Faculty, Pt Graphic Arts Technology (815) 921-3054 D.Wessel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tawnee Calhoun Access Services Coordinator Library (815) 921-4612 T.Calhoun@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katherine Moe Instructor (pt) Community Education K.Moe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dean Johnson Instructor (pt) Community Education
James Buss Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport (815) 921-1281 J.Buss@RockValleyCollege.edu
LaToya Marble Financial Aid Assistant Financial Aid (815) 921-4162 L.Marble@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sara Anderson Administrative Assistant II Advising and Retention (815) 921-4112 S.Anderson@rockvalleycollege.edu
Kaitlin Gaffney Faculty (pt) Student Dev & Dean of Students
Joana Rosas Moreno Citizenship Coordinator Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2274 J.RosasMoreno@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joyce Higgins Instructor (pt) Continuing Education J.Higgins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lindsey Kasten Faculty-Director/Clinical Education Respiratory Care (815) 921-3204 L.Kasten@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Berkman Payroll Team Leader Accounts Payable/Payroll (815) 921-4404 A.Berkman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Melissa Kent Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center M.Kent@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jacqueline Deskovich Faculty (pt) Summer English J.Deskovich@RockValleyCollege.edu
Spencer Haydary Research Associate Institutional Research and Eff S.Haydary@RockValleyCollege.edu
Latoya Lambert Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Jason Tempin Faculty (pt) Criminal Justice (815) 921-3321 J.Tempin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hsiao-Hung Lee Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center H.Lee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sharon Jacobsen Dean, Instructional Support Services Library & Instr Support Office (815) 921-3121 S.Jacobsen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Deena Hergert Faculty Biology (815) 921-3484 D.Hergert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Spielman Director of Academic, Career and Transfer Advising Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4104 T.Spielman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Adriana Londono Immigrant Welcome Center Coordinator Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2276 A.Londono@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julia Moore Faculty (pt) Mass Communication J.Moore@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tony Lamia Faculty (pt) Business T.Lamia@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hsin Chi Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center H.Chi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karen Courtney Faculty English (815) 921-3308 K.Courtney@RockValleyCollege.edu
Todd Monahan Faculty (pt) Fire Science T.Monahan@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Cargill Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship D.Cargill@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karin Blaski Faculty Business (815) 921-3109 K.Blaski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jaime Irwin Accounts Receivable Assistant Accounts Receivable (815) 921-4413 J.Irwin2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Soenksen Network Engineer Information Technology (815) 921-4875 T.Soenksen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jason Freund Faculty (pt) Fire Science J.Freund@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bonnie Juarez Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1487 B.Juarez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joseph Haverly Faculty Biology (815) 921-3474 J.Haverly@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lori Romero Coordinator, ABE/ASE Adult Basic/Secondary Edu Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2004 L.Romero@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rosina Goodloe Personal & Success Counselor Personal & Success Counseling (815) 921-4109 R.Goodloe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cynthia Schaefer Dean of Early College Early College (815) 921-4083 C.Schaefer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephen Ramberg Administrative Assistant I Disability Support Services (815) 921-2372 S.Ramberg@RockValleyCollege.edu
Faith Hyacinthe Upward Bound Sum Inst T Pt TRiO Upward Bound F.Hyacinthe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julia Spinnie Faculty (pt) Geoscience (815) 921-3556 J.Spinnie@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paul McCombs Faculty Mathematics (815) 921-3517 P.McCombs@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cindy Stear Instructor (pt) Community Education C.Stear@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julie Hernandez Faculty Psychology (815) 921-3388 J.Hernandez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joel Ramsey RAISE Instructor (PT) Disability Support Services J.Ramsey@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ryan Shaw Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center R.Shaw2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Catherine Check Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3405 C.Check@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephanie Wascher Faculty Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3160 S.Wascher@RockValleyCollege.edu
Beth Ingle Faculty History (815) 921-3389 B.Ingle@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nancy Perez Renteria Asst Coord, Citizenship & Welcome Center Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2278 N.PerezRenteria@RockValleyCollege.edu
Holly Sammons Case Manager Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2275 H.Sammons@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alison Cunningham Faculty (pt) Biology A.Cunningham@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicole Ritter Administrative Assistant II (CPT) First Year Experience (815) 921-4253 N.Ritter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nikki De Mello Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1222 N.DeMello@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Bernardi Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy D.Bernardi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Vicki Brust Dean of Career Technical Education Community, Career, and Tech Ed (815) 921-3174 V.Brust@RockValleyCollege.edu
Suzanne Graff Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1273 S.Graff@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elaine Dussard Director of TRiO Programs TRiO Programs (815) 921-4103 E.Dussard@rockvalleycollege.edu
Ryan Clair Maintenance II/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance R.Clair@RockValleyCollege.edu
George Hernandez Faculty Psychology (815) 921-3385 G.Hernandez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Thuruthumaly Faculty (pt) Nursing E.Thuruthumaly@RockValleyCollege.edu
Derek Squires Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3536 D.Squires@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alex McIntyre Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park A.McIntyre@RockValleyCollege.edu
Allison Taylor Bridge Program Coordinator Early College (815) 921-4085 A.Taylor@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jill Jennings Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3125 J.Jennings@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cassondra Branecki Instructor (pt) Community Education C.Branecki@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephen Donahue Faculty English (815) 921-3315 S.Donahue@RockValleyCollege.edu
Molly Sides Faculty English (815) 921-3322 M.Sides@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennyann Managbanag Adjunct Pool Academic Affairs J.Managbanag@RockValleyCollege.edu
Heather Foes Faculty Mathematics (815) 921-3521 H.Foes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lynn Shattuck Director - Disability Support Services Disability Support Services (815) 921-2356 L.Shattuck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Takeisha Lambert Dean, Arts & Social Sciences Arts and Sciences (815) 921-3312 T.Lambert@rockvalleycollege.edu
Elizabeth Kinney Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3424 P.Kinney@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Tammen Faculty/Electricians (pt) Apprenticeship T.Tammen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephanie Lacny Records Assistant Records and Registration (815) 921-4287 S.Lacny@RockValleyCollege.edu
Aerianna Cicero Early Childhood Education Support Specialist Early Childhood Education (815) 921-2354 A.Cicero@RockValleyCollege.edu
Daniel Daub Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3005 D.Daub@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erin Disanti Assistant Coach Womens Soccer Athletics E.Disanti@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stephen Brooks Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-1214 S.Brooks@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeremy Tallacksen Audiovisual (AV) Support Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4818 J.Tallacksen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rohini Gupta Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3558 R.Gupta@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lamis Diab Academic & Transfer Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4093 L.Diab@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brandon Mechler Technical Director Theatre & Arts Park (815) 921-2153 B.Mechler@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lindsay Neumeyer Early College Coordinator Early College (815) 921-4081 L.Neumeyer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jenna Goldsmith Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center J.Goldsmith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Icidora Medrano Administrative Assistant III Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (815) 921-4007 I.Medrano@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dusty Kayser Administrative Assistant II Nursing (815) 921-3235 D.Kayser@RockValleyCollege.edu
Margaret Westerman Academic & Transfer Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4129 M.Westerman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebecca Jensen Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
James Kriebs Faculty (pt) Fire Science J.Kriebs@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chelsea Stohr Testing Specialist Testing Center (815) 921-2361 C.Stohr@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amy Jensen Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Todd Morgan Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3013 T.Morgan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bethany Nelson Costume Aid Theatre & Arts Park B.Nelson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joshua Glovinsky Faculty Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3157 J.Glovinsky@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jillian Buchanan Math Lab Tutor (pt) Math & Physical Science Office J.Buchanan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jose Galarza Galarza HVAC Mechanic Boiler House J.GalarzaGalarza@RockValleyCollege.edu
Theresa Garner Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park (815) 921-2156 T.Garner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Sayers Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-3431 M.Sayers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Turnia Holliman Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Beth Lipton Faculty (pt) Chemistry B.Lipton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yousra Salem Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3504 Y.Salem@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Sieracki Faculty - Reading Developmental Reading/Writing (815) 921-2367 M.Sieracki@RockValleyCollege.edu
Fiona Okoroti Faculty (pt) Nursing (815) 921-3267 F.Okoroti@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sasha Stenger Instructional Technician, pt Biology (815) 921-3485 S.Stenger@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grant Schubert Executive Director of Industrial Development Business Outreach Office (815) 921-3120 G.Schubert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Pedersen Multimedia Content Creator Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4521 K.Pedersen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Free Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Fire Science T.Free@RockValleyCollege.edu
William Lipton Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3416 W.Lipton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lisa Strong Instructional Technician, Biology Biology (815) 921-3454 L.Strong@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jason Brinkley Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3409 J.Brinkley@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Schneider Dean of Enrollment Services Enrollment Services (815) 921-4278 D.Schneider@RockValleyCollege.edu
Holly Fuca Administrative Assistant II Financial Aid (815) 921-4151 H.Fuca@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andy Graber Coordinator of Records and Registration Records and Registration (815) 921-4283 A.Graber@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lea Carlson Faculty Biology (815) 921-3493 L.Carlson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Linden Instructor (pt) Community Education T.Linden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alyssa Behmer Staff Accountant (TPT) Financial Services A.Behmer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeffrey Keho Instructor (pt) Community Education
Rachel Warren Faculty (pt) English R.Warren@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicole Hall Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy N.Hall@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Haley ATC Student Services Advisor Advanced Technology Center (815) 921-3114 K.Haley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Reganne Massoth Student Worker/RVC Dean of Students R.Massoth@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erik Oberg Faculty (pt) Music (815) 921-3345 E.Oberg@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jesse Jensen Adjunct Pool Academic Affairs
Ryan Martineau Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Cheryl Youtsey Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1205 C.Youtsey@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Smith VP of Liberal Arts & Adult Ed, CAO Academic Affairs (815) 921-3102 A.Smith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dylan Rambow Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3507 D.Rambow@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Kubacki Network Engineer Information Technology (815) 921-4844 D.Kubacki@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maya Thompson Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Thompson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Max Taylor Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Taylor2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bradee Aamodt Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant B.Aamodt@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonathan Devereueawax Faculty (pt) Economics J.Devereueawax@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rachel Boge Talent Acquisition Specialist Human Resources (815) 921-4759 R.Boge@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jerry Hose II Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3031 J.HoseII@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tombi Smith Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3266 T.Smith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Norbert Ziemer Faculty Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3135 N.Ziemer@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Pusatera Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3541 J.Pusatera@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paula Schmoldt Administrative Assistant II Early College (815) 921-4084 P.Schmoldt@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Hoeksema Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-4371 J.Hoeksema@RockValleyCollege.edu
Renee Brown Faculty (pt) Surgical Technology R.Brown@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gerardo Tirado Network Engineer Manager Information Technology (815) 921-4819 G.Tirado@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jack Barczuk Student Worker/RVC (Grounds) Plant Operations & Maintenance J.Barczuk@RockValleyCollege.edu
Darryl Watkins Sports Coordinator-Women's Basketball Coach Athletics (815) 921-3807 D.Watkins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonathan King Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Fire Science J.King@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jordon McGee Administrative Assistant III Student Services (815) 921-4099 J.McGee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tammy Jackson Library Assistant/Technical Services Library (815) 921-4610 T.Jackson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Angela Yerk Administrative Assistant II Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2007 A.Yerk@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erik Rodgers Data Systems Coordinator Student Affairs (815) 921-4082 E.Rodgers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kyle Owen Faculty (pt) Mass Communication K.Owen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Mawyer Faculty English (815) 921-3310 R.Mawyer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Henderson Faculty (pt) English J.Henderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Barbara Mugavero Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center B.Mugavero@RockValleyCollege.edu
Luevinus Muhammad Director of Student Life and Intercultural Student Services Student Life (815) 921-4118 L.Muhammad@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarina Gary Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department S.Gary@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katarina Klenke Physical Science Laboratory Manager Physical Science (815) 921-3410 K.Klenke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Candace Bloome Faculty (pt) Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3554 C.Bloome@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert D'Alonzo Faculty Humanities (815) 921-3339 R.DAlonzo@rockvalleycollege.edu
Patrick Sugrue Faculty Mathematics (815) 921-3522 P.Sugrue@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ethan Olson Faculty - FT temp Aviation Technology (815) 921-3033 E.Olson2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Denise Jaborek Faculty (pt) Dental Hygiene D.Jaborek@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrew Selander Faculty (pt) Psychology (815) 921-3365 A.Selander@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mychall Cornejo Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Brandon Lamm Instructor (pt) Community Education B.Lamm@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dawson Ingram Highway Construction Careers Training Program Coordinator Workforce Development (815) 921-3912 D.Ingram2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Salvatore Mendez PT Temporary Emp Theatre & Arts Park S.Mendez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erik Durand Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center E.Durand@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patrick Peyer Vice President of Student Affairs Student Services (815) 921-4092 P.Peyer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tracy Hazen Faculty Speech (815) 921-3292 T.Hazen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Schoening Deputy Chief RVC Police Department (815) 921-4353 M.Schoening@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emily Heyndericks Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Dental Hygiene E.Heyndericks@rockvalleycollege.edu
Michelle Roskowic Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1211 M.Roskowic@RockValleyCollege.edu
Matthew Cole Faculty (pt) Automotive (815) 921-3552 M.Cole@RockValleyCollege.edu
Antonio Filippone Instructor (pt) Community Education A.Filippone@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ashli Horneij TRiO Project Coordinator TRIO Complete (815) 921-4648 A.Horneij@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paige Glendenning Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing P.Glendenning@RockValleyCollege.edu
Abigail Arellano Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy A.Arellano@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paula Mehringer Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport (815) 921-1287 P.Mehringer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Linette Rojas GEF-Spec Assignment Fitness, Wellness and Sport L.Rojas@RockValleyCollege.edu
Megan Atterberry-Jones Faculty (pt) Biology (815) 921-3523 M.Atterberry-Jones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shanaya Pearson Faculty (pt) Nursing S.Pearson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hope Morgan Student Worker/RVC Testing Center H.Morgan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicole Conway Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3520 N.Conway@RockValleyCollege.edu
Olivia Coleman Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park O.Coleman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Marissa Trotter Intern Disability Support Services
Paul Gunsul Faculty Mathematics (815) 921-3519 P.Gunsul@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Zezniewski Faculty - Sub Welding (815) 921-3530 R.Zezniewski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Meilyn Morales ATC Student Services Advisor Advanced Technology Center (815) 921-4268 M.Morales@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cierra Morris Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) Coordinator Workforce Development (815) 921-4285 C.Morris@RockValleyCollege.edu
Atiya Roby Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing A.Roby@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Mirgain Instructor (pt) Continuing Education
Ivonne McGee Covid Case Investigator RVC Police Department I.McGee@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mathew Oakes Faculty English (815) 921-3305 M.Oakes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Murray Faculty (pt) Dental Hygiene J.Murray2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Eric Hinojosa Teacher Aide Adult Education & Literacy E.Hinojosa@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katie Hollis Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing K.Hollis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alexandra Nugent Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy A.Nugent@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sheila Elliott Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant S.Elliott@RockValleyCollege.edu
Daniel Blumlo Faculty History (815) 921-3396 D.Blumlo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sherrell Woods Faculty (pt) Criminal Justice (815) 921-3324 S.Woods@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amela Zekic Case Manager Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2277 A.Zekic@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ana Mirnic Program Manager Financial Aid (815) 921-4258 A.Mirnic@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kandice White Records Evaluator Records and Registration (815) 921-4254 K.White@RockValleyCollege.edu
Donavan Golden Student Worker/CWS Enrollment Services D.Golden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brian Wagner Faculty Philosophy (815) 921-3367 B.Wagner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Brown Faculty Chemistry (815) 921-3482 E.Brown@rockvalleycollege.edu
Sheila Ogbevire Student Activities Coordinator Student Life (815) 921-4183 S.Ogbevire@RockValleyCollege.edu
Miranda Swanson Faculty (pt) Mass Communication M.Swanson@rockvalleycollege.edu
Lukas Wenner Library Access and User Engagement Manager Library (815) 921-4603 L.Wenner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jazmine Muhammad Health Records and Tracking Specialist (TPT) RVC Police Department J.Muhammad@RockValleyCollege.edu
Peter Heinisch Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-1249 P.Heinisch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kenosha Holland Dental Hygiene Clinic Coordinator Dental Hygiene (815) 921-3278 K.Holland@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patrick Metz Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3129 P.Metz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Oladapo Faculty (pt) Sociology (815) 921-3329 J.Oladapo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jurnee Williams Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising J.Williams@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bryan Axon TPT Testing Center Assistant Testing Center B.Axon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Enedelia Marquez-Berlanga Clinical Instructor Phlebotomy E.Marquez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Linda Buerger Scholarships & Financial Operations Manager Foundation (815) 921-4506 L.Buerger@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grahm Rademaker Welding Coordinator Welding (815) 921-3122 G.Rademaker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Howard Girling Special Assignment Mens Basketball Athletics
Yazmine Flores Career Planner Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2262 Y.Flores@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jamal Bari Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3475 J.Bari@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Wasson Administrative Assistant II Library & Instr Support Office (815) 921-4044 C.Wasson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maria Flores Lozano Administrative Assistant II Enrollment Services (815) 921-4263 M.FloresLozano@RockValleyCollege.edu
Abisay Salgado Maintenance II Buildings TFT Plant Operations & Maintenance A.Salgado@RockValleyCollege.edu
Betsabe Saucedo Assistant to the President (Temp) President (815) 921-4013 B.Saucedo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debra Funck Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4821 D.Funck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Viviana Marquez Sports Coord/Athletics Operations/Co-Head Softball Coach Athletics (815) 921-3801 V.Marquez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ignazina Altamore Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy I.Altamore@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emma Toole Retention Specialist Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4119 E.Toole@RockValleyCollege.edu
Samantha Gray Print Services Technician Print Services (815) 921-4466 S.Gray@RockValleyCollege.edu
Larry Stark Truck Driver Training Specialist Business Outreach Office L.Stark@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Schnaper Faculty (pt) Fire Science M.Schnaper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joey Holmes Faculty Biology (815) 921-3422 J.Holmes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebecca Blystone Financial Aid Assistant II Financial Aid (815) 921-4156 R.Blystone@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristy Topalovich Faculty (pt) Chemistry K.Topalovich@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carolyn Sisouk Special Assignment (pt) Art
Catherine Vandre Faculty Biology (815) 921-3451 C.Vandre@RockValleyCollege.edu
Howard Spearman President President (815) 921-4008 H.Spearman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dorothea Marsh Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park D.Marsh@RockValleyCollege.edu
Catherine Headley Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport C.Headley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Darin Monroe Athletic Director & Head Coach Athletics (815) 921-3822 D.Monroe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Raed Salem Faculty (pt) Mathematics R.Salem@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alicia Meyer Accounts Payable Assistant Accounts Payable/Payroll (815) 921-4411 A.Meyer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erica Matthews Administrative Assistant I Workforce Development (815) 921-4036 E.Matthews@RockValleyCollege.edu
Keily Rivero Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy K.Rivero@RockValleyCollege.edu
Steven Perry Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-4368 S.Perry@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Duhn Nursing Lab/Simulation Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3275 E.Duhn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Randall Simental Assistant Coach Volleyball Athletics
Betty Villalobos-Hallmann Athletic and Aviation Academic Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4277 B.Villalobos-Hallmann@RockValleyCollege.edu
Collin Ruthe Manufacturing Technology Coordinator Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3126 C.Ruthe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carolina Gonzalez Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Tricia Wagner Director of Adult Education Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2005 T.Wagner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Moriah Hill Music Director Temp PT Theatre & Arts Park
Darling Garcia Administrative Assistant (PT) TRIO Achieve (815) 921-4642 D.Garcia@RockValleyCollege.edu
Casey Hauser Manager of New Student Enrollment Enrollment (815) 921-4275 C.Hauser@RockValleyCollege.edu
Zachary Eyster Covid Case Investigator RVC Police Department
Brittany Freiberg Chief Development Officer Foundation (815) 921-4502 B.Freiberg@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Etlinger Faculty English (815) 921-3304 S.Etlinger@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tabinda Azam Faculty Biology (815) 921-3473 T.Azam@RockValleyCollege.edu
James Mais Faculty (pt) Physics (815) 921-3560 J.Mais@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonathan Poore Faculty English (815) 921-3314 J.Poore@RockValleyCollege.edu
Molly Carter Faculty (pt) Art (815) 921-3372 M.Carter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Moria Nagy Faculty Biology (815) 921-3415 M.Nagy@RockValleyCollege.edu
William Siaw Research Analyst Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-2195 W.Siaw@RockValleyCollege.edu
Linda Polverari Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant L.Polverari@RockValleyCollege.edu
Terrica Huntley Dean of Students Dean of Students (815) 921-4187 T.Huntley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Iris Hale Case Manager Refugee Training Program I.Hale@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Cobb Program Manager Financial Aid (815) 921-4166 M.Cobb@RockValleyCollege.edu
John Fillicaro Admin & Tech Support Academy/Teaching & Learning (815) 921-4625 J.Fillicaro@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cheryl Miller Faculty Certified Nursing Assistant (815) 921-3265 C.Miller@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debra Booton Faculty-Director/Clinical Education Respiratory Care (815) 921-3220 D.Booton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Enoch Parham Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program
Emily Berkowicz Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Dental Hygiene E.Berkowicz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chance Kruse Advanced Technology Center Specialist (CNC Instructor) Workforce Development (815) 921-3159 C.Kruse@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lauren George Student Worker - CWS Financial Aid L.George@RockValleyCollege.edu
Diamond Verner Student Worker/RVC Communications and Humanities D.Verner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Baum Mechatronics Coordinator Community, Career, and Tech Ed (815) 921-3117 M.Baum@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nathaniel Harper Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Brady Starling Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Nathan Talan Media Lab Technician Academic Affairs (815) 921-4602 N.Talan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patricia McHugh Math Lab Tutor (pt) Math & Physical Science Office P.McHugh@RockValleyCollege.edu
Drew Hallam Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3012 D.Hallam@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tammy Whitehead Faculty Humanities (815) 921-3356 T.Whitehead@RockValleyCollege.edu
Surachna Dr Shanti Instructor (pt) Community Education
Mary Peterson Administrative Assistant II Transitional Opp & Career Educ (815) 921-2010 M.Peterson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Eric Woulfe Faculty Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3115 E.Woulfe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Averi Ostrander Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Dental Hygiene A.Ostrander@rockvalleycollege.edu
Todd Welch Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program
Virginia DeLorenzo Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park V.Delorenzo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chloe Gibson Teacher Aide Adult Education & Literacy C.Gibson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katie Buss Faculty Fitness, Wellness and Sport (815) 921-3814 K.Buss@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ameen Abdullah Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy A.Abdullah@RockValleyCollege.edu
Earle Isibue Faculty - Pt Physical Science (815) 921-3528 E.Isibue@RockValleyCollege.edu
Hannah Edwards Accounts Payable Assistant Accounts Payable/Payroll (815) 921-4421 H.Edwards@RockValleyCollege.edu
Claudia Seijas TRiO Project Director TRIO Achieve (815) 921-4107 C.Seijas@rockvalleycollege.edu
Maureen Lowry-Fritz Faculty Political Science (815) 921-3509 M.Lowry-Fritz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Della Whitworth Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3269 D.Whitworth@RockValleyCollege.edu
Samuel Chones Mobile Unit Coordinator Workforce Development (815) 921-4272 S.Chones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Vanessa Sims Student Navigator Generalist Intercultural Student Services (815) 921-4116 V.Sims@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chase Estrada Purchasing Assistant Office of Business Services (815) 921-4475 C.Estrada@RockValleyCollege.edu
Danielle Hardesty Faculty Philosophy (815) 921-3368 D.Hardesty@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alyssa Lundstrom Administrative Assistant II Plant Operations & Maintenance (815) 921-4306 A.Lundstrom@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carly Huotari Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy C.Huotari@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy McGinness Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program T.McGinness@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kaitlyn Yeager Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Janice Weightman Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy J.Weightman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Hawkinson Instructor (pt) Community Education T.Hawkinson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Donald Shaner Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3539 D.Shaner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yahcolyah Muhammad Faculty - FT temp Aviation Technology (815) 921-3034 Y.Muhammad@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sharon Hanson Coordinator, Phlebotomy Program Phlebotomy (815) 921-3208 S.Hanson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tekkahmah Curry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (815) 921-4023 T.Curry@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Parola Faculty (FT Temp) Mathematics (815) 921-3514 M.Parola@RockValleyCollege.edu
Judithann Meyer Faculty (pt) Art (815) 921-3318 J.Meyer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristen Kearns Athletic Trainer/Fitness Assessment Coordinator Athletics (815) 921-3821 K.Kearns@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christian Clark Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Stacey McDonald Instructor (pt) Community Education S.McDonald@RockValleyCollege.edu
Felipe Gelacio Student Worker/CWS Operations F.Gelacio@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emily Compton Student Worker/CWS Theatre & Arts Park E.Compton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonah Semyonov Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Jessica Pequeno-Mendoza Upward Bound Tutor Mentor Temp TRiO Upward Bound J.Pequeno-Mendoza@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jehona Bexheti Student Worker/CWS Theatre & Arts Park
Allison King Administrative Assistant II Cntr for Learning in Retiremnt (815) 921-3931 A.King@rockvalleycollege.edu
Destin Sulejmani Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4845 D.Sulejmani@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Srygler Faculty Biology (815) 921-3402 R.Srygler@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonathan Lane Student Worker/CWS Theatre & Arts Park J.Lane@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tyler Gifford Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center
Brie Grable Administrative Assistant III Human Resources (815) 921-4760 B.Grable@RockValleyCollege.edu
Clara Gallardo Records Assistant(temp) Records and Registration C.Gallardo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kassidy Babler Upward Bound Summer Instructor - Temp TRiO Upward Bound
David Butts Tech Works Training Instructor (pt) Business Outreach Office D.Butts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Aaron Frank Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center A.Frank@RockValleyCollege.edu
Catherine Buerger TRiO Advisor TRIO Complete (815) 921-4643 C.Buerger@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kordrey Jones Truck Driver Training Specialist PT Business Outreach Office K.Jones3@RockValleyCollege.edu
Vanessa Quintana Lopez Outreach Specialist Refugee Training Program V.QuintanaLopez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grace Sherburne Tutor (pt) Tutoring & Writing Center G.Sherburne@RockValleyCollege.edu
Douglas Kasprzak Faculty Aviation Technology (815) 921-3032 D.Kasprzak@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jody Dahlseng Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy J.Dahlseng@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alex Bagne Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology A.Bagne@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amanda Zika Manager, First Year Experience First Year Experience (815) 921-4117 A.Zika@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sandra Jonelis Lopez Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center S.Jonelis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chad Moe Faculty (pt) Fire Science C.Moe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lorinda Arbogast Student Worker/CWS Mathematics & Sciences L.Arbogast@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cassandra Peterson Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3006 C.Peterson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emma Gawaran Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park E.Gawaran@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ryan Saelens Instructor (pt) Community Education
Shayla Weteska Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Hannah Bolstad Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Bilal Khairi Instructor (pt) Community Education B.Khairi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Meghan Lifsey Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising M.Lifsey@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sophia Gordon Implementation Assistant (TPT) Institutional Research and Eff S.Gordon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elisa Franco Gonzalez Financial Aid Assistant I Financial Aid (815) 921-4155 E.Franco-Gonzalez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nathan Washington Maintenance II/Grounds Grounds N.Washington@RockValleyCollege.edu
William Funck Student Worker/CWS Information Technology W.Funck@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebekah Herra Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt) Apprenticeship R.Herra@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicholas Phillips National Tournament Game Day Operator Athletics
Danielle Baumgartner Executive Director of Information Technology Information Technology (815) 921-4849 D.Baumgartner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natalia Mihigo Student Worker/RVC Mathematics & Sciences N.Mihigo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chad Herren Assistant Athletic Director/Head Coach Athletics (815) 921-3820 C.Herren@RockValleyCollege.edu
Victoria Brown Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt) Community Education V.Brown@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cierra Conrad Sound Designer and Technician Theatre & Arts Park
Monica Nava Administrative Assistant I Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2210 M.Nava@RockValleyCollege.edu
Delaney Morse Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising D.Morse@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tyler Turner Student Worker/CWS Academic & Transfer Advising T.Turner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gabrielle Tifft Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Mary Conerton Instructor (pt) Continuing Education M.Conerton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jernie Saunders Choreographer Temp Pt Theatre & Arts Park J.Saunders@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debora Kolb Faculty (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant D.Kolb@RockValleyCollege.edu
Henry Roe Lab Technician (pt) Physical Science (815) 921-3412 H.Roe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shana Lovato Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-1263 S.Lovato@rockvalleycollege.edu
Muloko Tambwe TRiO Upward Bound Tutor/Mentor PT Temp TRiO Upward Bound M.Tambwe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dennis Gaudet Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy D.Gaudet@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yasmin Odeh Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center Y.Odeh@RockValleyCollege.edu
Daniel Dobrowolski Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park D.Dobrowolski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Madalynn Smith PT Temporary Emp Theatre & Arts Park M.Smith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Spearman Faculty (pt) Business (815) 921-3346 T.Spearman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kathleen Finlon Faculty (pt) Mass Communication K.Finlon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Stacey Kolder Financial Aid Compliance Coordinator (TPT) Financial Aid (815) 921-4158 S.Kolder@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Shumway Senior Accountant Financial Services (815) 921-4408 S.Shumway@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joshua Gates Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3127 J.Gates@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Dosier Faculty, Temp FT Sociology (815) 921-3384 D.Dosier@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Kopp Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy
Jeremy Foy Faculty (pt) Art (815) 921-3352 J.Foy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Megan Den Braven Community Education Outreach Assistant III Community Education (815) 921-3903 M.DenBraven@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sally Roldan Instructor (pt) Community Education S.Roldan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karen Kerr Purchasing Coordinator Office of Business Services (815) 921-4419 K.Kerr@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ashanti Graves Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising A.Graves@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kamey Doetch Faculty Fitness, Wellness and Sport (815) 921-3813 K.Doetch@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Leiper Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3130 D.Leiper@RockValleyCollege.edu
Milagros Guerra Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2021 M.Guerra@RockValleyCollege.edu
Luca Sauceda Instructional Technician/Lab Technician Mass Communication (815) 921-3335 L.Sauceda@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amber Box Student Worker/RVC Library A.Box@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kayla Doane Financial Aid Assistant Financial Aid (815) 921-4161 K.Doane@RockValleyCollege.edu
Omar Ramirez Coordinator, New Student Enrollment Enrollment (815) 921-4249 O.Ramirez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paige Lewellen TPT Testing Center Assistant Testing Center P.Lewellen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Whitcomb Faculty - Summer Spanish J.Whitcomb@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joshua Ponsones PT Temporary Emp Theatre & Arts Park J.Ponsones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristy Pierce Sports Coordinator-Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics (815) 921-3818 K.Pierce@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lien Vu Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (815) 921-4019 L.Vu@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brian Guthrie Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Fire Science B.Guthrie@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Seeber Faculty (pt) English L.Seeber@RockValleyCollege.edu
Karen Maya Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Anna Weiss Faculty - Summer Chemistry (815) 921-3527 A.Weiss@RockValleyCollege.edu
Asher Moran Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park A.Moran@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michele Graham Academic & Transfer Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4244 M.Graham@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alyssa Baxter Testing Asst (pt) Testing Center
Cade Eastham Library Asst Interlibrary Loan/Doc Delivery Library (815) 921-4607 C.Eastham@RockValleyCollege.edu
Debra Larson Instructor (pt) Community Education D.Larson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carol Maddock IDOT Career Training Instructor, pt Continuing Education C.Maddock@RockValleyCollege.edu
Steven Taddei Faculty (pt) Mass Communication S.Taddei@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Lanting Dean, Communications & Humanities Communications and Humanities (815) 921-2363 M.Lanting@RockValleyCollege.edu
Anna Wandtke Perkins Coordinator Institutional Research and Eff (815) 921-4045 A.Wandtke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tracy Biggiotti Accounts Payable Assistant Accounts Payable/Payroll (815) 921-4407 T.Biggiotti@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sara Alesandrini Faculty (pt) Education (815) 921-1204 S.Alesandrini@RockValleyCollege.edu
Eliza Devlieger Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3077 E.Devlieger@rockvalleycollege.edu
Becca Francis Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park B.Francis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Evelyn Churchville Tutor(pt) TRIO Complete E.Churchville@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Boeche Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Dental Hygiene M.Boeche@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kathleen Jones Director of Business Services Office of Business Services (815) 921-4477 K.Jones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Salima Amrani Translator, (pt) Refugee Training Program S.Amrani@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mia Roby Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Roby@RockValleyCollege.edu
Warisha Wahaj Student Worker - CWS Intercultural Student Services W.Wahaj@RockValleyCollege.edu
Noah Thompson Student Worker/RVC Information Technology N.Thompson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paige Snedegar Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy P.Snedegar@RockValleyCollege.edu
Agius Adamany Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park A.Adamany@RockValleyCollege.edu
Victoria Gutierrez Welcome Center Specialist (SPN) TPT Refugee Training Program V.Gutierrez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joe Woolford Coordinator, New Student Enrollment Enrollment (815) 921-4271 J.Woolford@RockValleyCollege.edu
Guadalupe Serrano Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center G.Serrano@RockValleyCollege.edu
Matthew Turn Student Worker - RVC Financial Aid M.Turn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Autumn Dancy Stage Manager Temp PT Theatre & Arts Park A.Dancy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carlos Martinez Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center C.Martinez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ahoud Thabet Student Worker/RVC Information Technology A.Thabet@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patricia Gutierrez Welcome Center Specialist Refugee Training Program P.Gutierrez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jasmina Causevic Health Records and Tracking Specialist (TPT) RVC Police Department
Celeste Rodriguez Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department C.Rodriguez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Terrazas Student Worker/CWS Academic & Transfer Advising C.Terrazas@RockValleyCollege.edu
Corey Menken Clerk (TPT) Early College C.Menken@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christian Terrazas Student Worker/CWS Academic & Transfer Advising C.Terrazas2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Holland Smits Student Worker/RVC Athletics H.Smits@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mary Edwards Faculty (pt) Student Dev & Dean of Students M.Edwards@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kris Fuchs Interim HR Business Partner Human Resources (815) 921-4757 K.Fuchs@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jesseca Pirkle Upward Bound Tutor Mentor Temp TRiO Upward Bound J.Pirkle@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jason Uecker Manager of Building Systems Plant Operations & Maintenance (815) 921-4304 J.Uecker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Caitlin Yaun TPT Testing Center Assistant Testing Center C.Yaun@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natalie Wooden Instructor (pt) Community Education
Arianna Binicewicz Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center A.Binicewicz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kacey Crain Student Worker/RVC Physical Science K.Crain@RockValleyCollege.edu
Simone Werner Student Worker/RVC Dean of Students S.Werner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yalo Gill-Flori Assagoua Student Worker/RVC Physical Science Y.Assagoua@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jomar Rocha Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3540 J.Rocha@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrea Bolton Administrative Assistant III Finance (815) 921-4441 A.Bolton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tyler Bredehoeft Sports Coordinator - Men's Basketball Coach Athletics (815) 921-3809 T.Bredehoeft@RockValleyCollege.edu
Felipe Nadalim Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center F.Nadalim@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Romanello Sports Coordinator/Coach - Soccer Athletics (815) 921-3842 T.Romanello@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Sullivan Props Manager Temp Pt Theatre & Arts Park T.Sullivan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jeffrey Tripp Faculty Academic Affairs (815) 921-3524 J.Tripp@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jason Nado Faculty (pt) English J.Nado@RockValleyCollege.edu
David Floyel Faculty (pt) Fire Science D.Floyel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Annie Romanello Welcome Center Coordinator Enrollment Services (815) 921-4261 A.Romanello@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tanya Wilber Faculty (pt) English T.Wilber@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lisa Greer Assistant Coach Womens Soccer Athletics L.Greer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cara Vande Voorde Accommodations Specialist Disability Support Services (815) 921-2362 C.VandeVoorde@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robert Price Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy R.Price@RockValleyCollege.edu
Parker Rodden Maintenance II/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance P.Rodden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christina Badgley Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy C.Badgley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bryson Everling Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Camaron Stumpf Student Worker/RVC Information Technology C.Stumpf@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Marquez Faculty (pt) Political Science (815) 921-3254 T.Marquez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joshua Kostuch Tutor (pt Temp) Tutoring & Writing Center J.Kostuch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mallak Jabbar Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center M.Jabbar@RockValleyCollege.edu
Isabella Brosnan Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park I.Brosnan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Annabelle Gawaran Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park A.Gawaran@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grace Adams Student Worker - Rvc Early College G.Adams@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kailey Devant Student Worker/CWS Testing Center K.Devant@RockValleyCollege.edu
Olivia Matthews Student Worker/CWS Theatre & Arts Park O.Matthews@RockValleyCollege.edu
Leslie Granneman Faculty (pt) English L.Granneman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Raven Rogers Student Worker - RVC Athletics R.Rogers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Austin Schaffer-Snider Student Worker - RVC Athletics A.Schaffer-Snider@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jacob Poole Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4822 J.Poole@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Anderson Administrative Assistant III Foundation (815) 921-4501 L.Anderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Higgins Faculty Nursing (815) 921-3268 J.Higgins2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tracy Cusick Faculty (pt) Fitness, Wellness and Sport T.Cusick@RockValleyCollege.edu
Robin Schroer Faculty (pt) Manuf. Eng. and Technology (815) 921-3124 R.Schroer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jim Handley Vice President of Human Resources, CHRO Human Resources (815) 921-4754 J.Handley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Abraham Eden Student Worker/RVC Mass Communication A.Eden@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cortney Alonso Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt) Apprenticeship (815) 921-3112 C.Alonso@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kayeromi Gomez Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3510 K.Gomez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mercedes Donday Instructor (pt) Continuing Education M.Donday@RockValleyCollege.edu
Heather Moore Instructional Designer Academic Affairs H.Moore@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Reeser Maintenance III Grounds Plant Operations & Maintenance M.Reeser@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katya Timmer Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park K.Timmer@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mark Miller Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park
Margaret Dausman Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center M.Dausman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Thomas Yehl Chief of Police RVC Police Department (815) 921-4361 T.Yehl@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paul Umanzor Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Grace Yehl Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department
Tyson Heinrich Student Worker/CWS Engineering & Technology T.Heinrich@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gabriel Claros Student Worker/RVC Information Technology G.Claros@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emily Morgan Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3501 E.Morgan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Giovanna Nadalim Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center
Elliana Jones Student Worker/RVC Mathematics & Sciences E.Jones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Destiny Hottinger Intern Disability Support Services
Angely Bautista Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park A.Bautista@RockValleyCollege.edu
Haleigh Rasmussen Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center H.Rasmussen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Azure Dominguez Illinois Cooperative Work Study Intern Career Services and Placement
Elijah Currie Intern Disability Support Services
Chad Cook Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance C.Cook@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julio Negron Faculty (pt) Automotive (815) 921-3179 J.Negron@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amber Davis Faculty (pt) Nursing A.Davis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Blanchard Executive Director Online Development & Innovation Academic Affairs (815) 921-4015 K.Blanchard@RockValleyCollege.edu
Colinda Kram Medical Assistant Program Coordinator Allied Health (815) 921-3272 C.Kram@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lauren Schulz Student Worker/RVC Career Services and Placement L.Schulz@RockValleyCollege.edu
Frederick Williams Assistive Technology Specialist (pt) Disability Support Services (815) 921-2355 F.Williams@RockValleyCollege.edu
Terrence Wandtke Professional Development Specialist Academic Affairs (815) 921-4024 T.Wandtke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yatzari Galvez Welcome Center Outreach Spec TFT Refugee Training Program Y.Galvez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lori Sebranek Strategic IT Coordinator Temp PT Information Technology L.Sebranek@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alyssa Bird Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach A.Bird@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brea Walters Student Worker/RVC Mathematics & Sciences B.Walters@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emma Davis Student Worker/RVC Records and Registration E.Davis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jackson Davis Student Worker - RVC Athletics J.Davis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lilly Hudson Opengo Student Worker/RVC Operations L.HudsonOpengo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Moussa Ali Student Worker/CWS Mathematics & Sciences M.Ali@RockValleyCollege.edu
Justin Akin Student Worker/CWS Mass Communication J.Akin@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nikki Hernandez Academic & Transfer Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4274 N.Hernandez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grant Egler Student Worker/RVC Library G.Egler@RockValleyCollege.edu
Tiara Flowers Administrative Assistant Temp Dean of Students
Krista Benassi Faculty Biology (815) 921-3483 K.Benassi@rockvalleycollege.edu
Michael Gibson Student Worker - RVC Athletics M.Gibson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Craig Baker Truck Driver Training Specialist Business Outreach Office C.Baker@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kenneth Jones Truck Driver Training Instructor Business Outreach Office K.Jones2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Madelyn Bowen Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach M.Bowen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Helaina Nimmo Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park H.Nimmo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Schneeberg Student Worker/CWS Automotive T.Schneeberg@RockValleyCollege.edu
Grace Stevenson Student Worker/CWS Fitness, Wellness and Sport
Christopher Mills Faculty (pt) Accounting (815) 921-3337 C.Mills@RockValleyCollege.edu
Latasha Horne Faculty (pt) Accounting (815) 921-3330 L.Horne@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jaden Newson Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach J.Newson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mohammed Partapurwala Faculty (pt) Economics M.Partapurwala@RockValleyCollege.edu
Enedelia Marquez-Berlanga X - Faculty (pt) Phlebotomy
Camron Blank-Elcock Student Worker/RVC Athletics
Clare Montavon Student Worker/RVC Testing Center C.Montavon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gabriel Morales-Resto Student Worker/RVC Dean of Students G.Morales-Resto@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natalie Hughes Student Worker/CWS Tutoring & Writing Center N.Hughes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emma Knabe Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center E.Knabe@RockValleyCollege.edu
Corbin Rivers Student Worker/CWS Mass Communication C.Rivers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Amaya Livingston Student Worker/RVC Music A.Livingston@RockValleyCollege.edu
Benjamin Plaskey PT Temporary Emp Theatre & Arts Park B.Plaskey@RockValleyCollege.edu
Matthew Flamm Faculty (pt) Philosophy M.Flamm@RockValleyCollege.edu
Orienthal Newburn Faculty - Summer Business (815) 921-3358 O.Newburn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristin Landerholm Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center K.Landerholm@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ahlam Abduljaleel Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising A.Abduljaleel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jasmine Oley Student Worker/CWS Academic & Transfer Advising J.Oley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Keith Barnes Vice President, Equity and Inclusion CDO Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (815) 921-4006 K.Barnes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kevan Watkins Sports Coord/Coach-Women's Soccer-Stu Engagement Coord Athletics (815) 921-3838 K.Watkins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Shaelyn Bailey Student Worker/RVC Testing Center S.Bailey2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andre Sayles Faculty (pt) Criminal Justice A.Sayles@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emma Garner Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park E.Garner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Yohanes Honu Dean, Mathematics & Sciences Mathematics & Sciences (815) 921-3488 Y.Honu@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dylan Ladd Faculty (pt) Music D.Ladd@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Ciganek Shield Test Operator (TPT) RVC Police Department R.Ciganek@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Phiri Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park R.Phiri@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ryan Russell Student Worker - CWS Financial Aid R.Russell@RockValleyCollege.edu
Zareen Hassan Student Worker - Math Lab/RVC Mathematics Z.Hassan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Merritt Faculty (pt) Computer Information Systems (815) 921-3116 J.Merritt@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ethan Watts Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center E.Watts@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kelly Kloppmann Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Certified Nursing Assistant K.Kloppmann@RockValleyCollege.edu
Cheryl Gregorek Enterprise Systems Manager Information Technology (815) 921-4802 C.Gregorek@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Catalfu Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy S.Catalfu@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kristopher Blanchard Faculty (pt) Business (815) 921-3347 K.Blanchard2@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sofia Piscocama Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park S.Piscocama@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lindsay Vreeland Faculty (pt) English L.Vreeland@RockValleyCollege.edu
Krithik Sai Karunamurthy Premanand Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center K.KarunamurthyPremanand@RockValleyCollege.edu
Trace Quinn Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach T.Quinn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alexis Monahan Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy A.Monahan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Holliday Administrative Assistant II Arts and Sciences (815) 921-3317 S.Holliday@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kala Sarrels Student Worker - CWS Intercultural Student Services
Kenneth Coleman Dean of Advising and Retention Advising and Retention (815) 921-4262 K.Coleman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Arroyo Student Worker/CWS Welding C.Arroyo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brian Moore Faculty (pt) English B.Moore@RockValleyCollege.edu
Erica Saccucci Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy E.Saccucci@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Coleman Career Specialist Dislocated Worker Program (815) 921-2203 E.Coleman@RockValleyCollege.edu
Adam Henderson Maintenance III/Buildings Plant Operations & Maintenance A.Henderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Zwirner Coordinator, ESL Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2008 J.Zwirner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Haley Smith Student Worker/RVC First Year Experience H.Smith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jazmine Nathan Student Worker/RVC Dean of Students J.Nathan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Ania Stump Student Worker/RVC Academic & Transfer Advising A.Stump@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gabriela Mar-Gagula Communications and Marketing Specialist Communications and Marketing (815) 921-4523 g.margagula@rockvalleycollege.edu
Jonathon Stinson Student Worker/CWS Recruitment & Outreach J.Stinson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Faour Al Share Faculty (pt) Nursing F.AlShare@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Isom Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program M.Isom@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kelly Garay Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy K.Garay@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jesse Wiles Project Manager Operations (815) 921-4312 J.Wiles@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gabriella Richardson Student Worker/RVC Records and Registration G.Richardson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Helen Werner Faculty (pt) Anthropology (815) 921-3341 H.Werner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Patrick Chamoun Advanced Technology Center Specialist (CNC Instructor) Workforce Development (815) 921-3123 P.Chamoun@RockValleyCollege.edu
Atika Jilani Faculty (pt) Psychology (815) 921-3351 A.Jilani@RockValleyCollege.edu
Adan Montoya Duran Student Worker - CWS Refugee Training Program A.MontoyaDuran@RockValleyCollege.edu
Emily Olsen Student Worker/RVC Information Technology E.Olsen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Joseph Agbeko Dean of Adult and Developmental Education Academic Affairs (815) 921-2002 J.Agbeko@RockValleyCollege.edu
Maximiliano Cardenas Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Cardenas@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sophia Hernandez Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park S.Hernandez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nolan Soma Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach N.Soma@RockValleyCollege.edu
Madison Gunderson Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Gunderson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jessica Palos Upward Bound Summer Instructor - Temp TRiO Upward Bound
Hansen Stewart VP of Industry Partnerships & Community Engagement Industry & Community Dev (815) 921-4012 H.Stewart@RockValleyCollege.edu
Max Rebori Student Worker/CWS Recruitment & Outreach M.Rebori@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bianca Davis Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) Student Life Coach Workforce Development (815) 921-4292 B.Davis@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rachel St. John Director, Development & Alumni Relations Foundation (815) 921-4503 R.St.John@RockValleyCollege.edu
Gage Hasty Student Worker/RVC Recruitment & Outreach G.Hasty@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paris Jones Student Worker/CWS Recruitment & Outreach P.Jones@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elena Sekulic Student Worker/CWS Mathematics & Sciences
Abdul Langari Interpreter/Translator (Afghan Languages) Refugee Training Program A.Langari@RockValleyCollege.edu
Miles Lang Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park M.Lang@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kaung Linn Student Worker/RVC First Year Experience K.Linn@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kaung Sint Student Worker/RVC First Year Experience K.Sint@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katie Wachter Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park K.Wachter@RockValleyCollege.edu
Criscencio Carmon Director of Human Resources Human Resources (815) 921-4761 C.Carmon@RockValleyCollege.edu
Eleanor Waldorf Student Worker/RVC Theatre & Arts Park E.Waldorf@RockValleyCollege.edu
Min Wang Instructor (pt) Community Education M.Wang@RockValleyCollege.edu
Danielle Burza-Smith Instructor (pt) Community Education D.Burza-Smith@RockValleyCollege.edu
Caleb Staehr Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park C.Staehr@RockValleyCollege.edu
Angelo Galindo Student Worker/Rvc Academic Affairs A.Galindo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Laura Widuch Faculty - Sub Health Science L.Widuch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Geraldine Nunez-salazar Student Worker/CWS Communications and Humanities G.Nunez-salazar@RockValleyCollege.edu
Natasha Casasola Student Worker - CWS Financial Aid N.Casasola@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lillie Suthers Finance Temp PT Finance L.Suthers@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jesica Nay Assistant Coach Womens Basketball Athletics J.Nay@RockValleyCollege.edu
Nicolas Ramos Assistant Coach Basketball Athletics N.Ramos@RockValleyCollege.edu
Katherine Finley Student Worker/RVC Tutoring & Writing Center K.Finley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Demarion Price Student Worker/RVC Workforce Development
Alina Llanas Academic & Transfer Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4096 A.Llanas@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Hankins Faculty (pt) Mass Communication C.Hankins@RockValleyCollege.edu
Bruce Shapiro Faculty (FT Temp) Mathematics (815) 921-3515 B.Shapiro@RockValleyCollege.edu
Chris Timmons Officer RVC Police Department (815) 921-4364 C.Timmons@RockValleyCollege.edu
Mikayla Miracle Sound Engineer Temp Parttime Theatre & Arts Park
Deborah Gilster ADA Compliance Coordinator Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (815) 921-2067 D.Gilster@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Jauch Instructor (pt) Traffic Safety Program T.Jauch@RockValleyCollege.edu
Najifa Hassan Student Worker - Math Lab/RVC Mathematics N.Hassan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Christopher Joyner Faculty Music (815) 921-3363 C.Joyner@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alexander Luft CRM Enrollment Coordinator Enrollment and Retention (815) 921-4248 A.Luft@RockValleyCollege.edu
Carrie Helmig Faculty (pt) Mathematics C.Helmig@RockValleyCollege.edu
Dominique Mays Assistant Coach - Men's Soccer Athletics
Diamond Thomas Student Worker/CWS Academic Affairs D.Thomas@RockValleyCollege.edu
Kimberly Harrison Faculty (pt) Sociology (815) 921-3366 K.Harrison@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jack Howard Assistant Coach Baseball Athletics J.Howard@RockValleyCollege.edu
Alexander Slawson RAISE Instructor (PT) Disability Support Services A.Slawson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Julian Jaramillo RAISE Instructor (PT) Disability Support Services J.Jaramillo@RockValleyCollege.edu
Omar Al Aukaidy Refugee Social Services Coordinator Refugee Training Program (815) 921-2279 O.AlAukaidy@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lloyd Johnson Risk Management Coordinator RVC Police Department (815) 921-4382 L.Johnson@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jennifer Vanetten Job Placement Specialist (WEI) Workforce Development (815) 921-4293 J.Vanetten@RockValleyCollege.edu
Lori Mack Executive Director of Finance Financial Services (815) 921-4403 L.Mack@RockValleyCollege.edu
Svetlina Pencheva Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology (815) 921-3175 S.Pencheva@RockValleyCollege.edu
Austin Buscaglia Student Worker/CWS Mathematics & Sciences A.Buscaglia@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sonethap Syavong HVAC Technician/Maintenance at ATC Boiler House S.Syavong@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrew Harth Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park A.Harth@RockValleyCollege.edu
Norma Sebert Inventory and Purchasing Coordinator Office of Business Services (815) 921-4418 N.Sebert@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sasha Annan Faculty (pt) Mathematics S.Annan@RockValleyCollege.edu
Anthony Schiassi Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3037 A.Schiassi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Andrew Jensen Special Assignment Bowling Athletics A.Jensen@RockValleyCollege.edu
Rebecca Czlapinski Special Assignment Bowling Athletics R.Czlapinski@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michelle Shapiro Student Worker - CWS Intercultural Student Services
Elina Wlaznik Professional Development Specialist Human Resources (815) 921-4758 E.Wlaznik@rockvalleycollege.edu
Bryan Sandoval Student Worker - CWS Intercultural Student Services B.Sandoval@RockValleyCollege.edu
Paige Yoder Assistant Coach Volleyball Athletics P.Yoder@RockValleyCollege.edu
Sarah Lockton Career and Technical Education Advisor Academic Career Transfer Advis (815) 921-4110 S.Lockton@RockValleyCollege.edu
Luke Markley RAISE Program Coordinator Disability Support Services (815) 921-4125 L.Markley@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jonathan Regnery Faculty (pt) Mathematics (815) 921-3406 J.Regnery@RockValleyCollege.edu
Elizabeth Burke Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt) Nursing E.Burke@RockValleyCollege.edu
Brenda Perez Coordinator, New Student Enrollment Enrollment (815) 921-4176 B.Perez@RockValleyCollege.edu
Theo Gabriel Theatre - Special Assignment Theatre & Arts Park T.Gabriel@RockValleyCollege.edu
Terri Dodge Grant Accounting Analyst Adult Education & Literacy (815) 921-2011 T.Dodge@rockvalleycollege.edu
Charles Raimondi Faculty (pt) Engineering & Technology C.Raimondi@RockValleyCollege.edu
Richard Lutes Faculty (pt) Aviation Technology (815) 921-3038 R.Lutes@RockValleyCollege.edu
Matthew Flores Service Desk Specialist Information Technology (815) 921-4810 M.Flores@RockValleyCollege.edu
Jesslyn Truesdale Instructor (pt) Adult Education & Literacy J.Truesdale@RockValleyCollege.edu
Timothy Held Dean of Non-Credit Programs Early College & Tech Programs (815) 921-4106 P.Held@rockvalleycollege.edu
Janet Hoffman Instructor (pt) Community Education
Jill Schneider Kimble Faculty (pt) English J.SchneiderKimble@RockValleyCollege.edu
Michael Berkley WEI Student Life Coach Workforce Development (815) 921-4291 M.Berkley@RockValleyCollege.edu