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About Us

The Right Place to Start (RPS) program is designed to give intensive academic and personal support to student participants throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. To be eligible for the RPS program you must test into Reading RDG 096 or above, have graduated from a Rockford Public High School, or live in the Rockford Public School District. The benefits of the program include two free classes (STU 100 and 101), one-on-one and group coaching sessions, career and transfer exploration via college tours, and earned incentives (gas cards, meal cards, bus passes, etc.).  

For more information on this exciting academic opportunity please contact Intercultural Student Services at (815) 921-4116.


Right Place to Start newsletters will be published monthly.

RPS College Tours

Friday, 4/25/14 7am-5:30PM- Last College tour of the Spring '14 Semester

Illinois Institute of Art (Schaumburg). This trip includes a tour of Soldier Field and a stop at Woodfield Mall

To reserve your seat, please sign up and pay the $5 deposit (will be returned to you when you arrive for the trip) at the Intercultural Student Services offices on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

Calendar of Events

Download the most current Right Place to Start calendar of events.



The Right Place to Start Workshops are learning opportunities for all students! From study skills to self-help to career exploration each unique workshop will be a valuable tool for RVC students.

All workshops are free and open to all students.

Main Campus

Don’t Allow Destiny Thieves to Rob You of Your Future!

Wednesday, 3/19/14 • 3-4pm • WTC 117
Presenter: Matt Gargano

Every single person is born with a plan and a purpose. So why do so many individuals never walk in their destiny? There are destiny thieves working overtime to rob you of your future; and sadly, most people aren’t even aware of them! Some of these thieves are: fear, procrastination, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, being easily mislead, indecision, and confusion. But there are more! Learn what these destiny thieves are and how they operate, so you
know how to guard against them. Start walking more strongly and decisively in your plan and purpose—and start today!


How to Become Involved on Campus

Tuesday, 3/25/14 • 1:30- 2:30pm • SC 1224

Student involvement on campus is important. Students who are aware of campus related events and activities find that they enjoy more out of their college experiences. Join us as the Campus Activity Board (CAB) explains all of the exciting activities and ways that you can be involved on campus!


Degree Decisions

Thursday, 3/27/14 • 1:30-2:30pm • SC 1224
Presenter: Terrica Huntley

What degree are you persisting towards? What degree or career do you want to obtain after you leave Rock Valley? Your class decisions now can help prepare you for the next steps. In this workshop we will learn about different types of degrees at Rock Valley and steps for transfer preparation for a bachelor’s degree.


Tips for Taking Online Classes

Tuesday, 4/8/14 • 1:30-2:30pm • SC 1222

Are you thinking about taking an online class but you don’t know what to expect? Are you looking for answers but aren’t sure where to go and who to ask? Come join us and get an overview of an online class structure and find out ways that you can be successful in an online class!


Manufacturing the Fuel of Optimism!

Wednesday, 4/16/14 • 3-4pm • WTC 117
Presenters: Dr. Howard Spearman and Matt Gargano

Are you struggling to keep on keepin’ on? Do you feel like giving up every time you run up against an obstacle? Not sure how to move forward? Just as our physical bodies need physical fuel (nourishment) to continue to move forward toward our goals, our inner being, our spirit, needs nourishment to help keep us going and press through the push-back of the world. Webster’s Dictionary defines optimism as “a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future: a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen.” Do you need a fresh heap of hope? Then stop by and refuel at the Oasis of Optimism!


Interview Skills

Thursday, 4/24/14 • 1:30-2:30pm • SC1224
Presenter: Terrica Huntley

Are you currently in search of a job or preparing for a job interview? Come and learn some great tips to participating successfully in an interview. In this workshop we will address best practices during the interview process, including dress, appropriate materials, and behaviors.


Picture Your World: Session 3

Thursday, 5/1/14 • 2-3pm • ERC 1420
Presenter: Alan León

Our last session in this three-part photography workshop series will be a showcase to celebrate your work and receive constructive feedback in a relaxed “gallery opening” event!


Learning and Opportunity Center (LOC)
The LOC is located 308 West State Street in the Stewart Square building in downtown Rockford.


Tackling the Tough Skills™

A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life

Tackling the Tough Skills™ is a fun, innovative and highly interactive life skills curriculum that helps adults prepare for success in work and life. The RPS staff will present this workshop series to students on the following dates:

Part III: Communication

Thursday, 3/20/14 • 2-3pm • LOC 219
Presenter: Dr. Will Ashford

Communication is critical to every relationship in our lives. Body language, listening, speaking, vocabulary-building and reading are all forms of communication that require lifelong learning. Conflict can be either positive or negative. Its resolution is often dependent on our own behavior. Anger is a natural emotion that can be managed with constructive measures.

Part IV: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Thursday, 4/24/14 • 2-3pm • LOC 219
Presenter: Dr. Will Ashford

Good decision making first requires recognition of the core problem. Creative brainstorming can produce a wide variety of problem-solving options. Teamwork utilizes both individual and group strengths. Taking charge of our lives demands taking charge of our time.