Rockford, Illinois
Advance Now

Why a high school student should consider Advance Now

  • You will earn high school and college credit at the same time.

  • You will get hands-on experience and college credits in a career field that can lead to a good paying job.

  • You get to spend half your time in high school and half your time at RVC experiencing college life.

Why parents of high school students should consider Advance Now for their kids

  • For all of the same reasons as above, plus the tuition is sponsored by the participating school districts!

Enroll in one of the career tracks listed below and you'll be on your way to a great future!


How do I get started?

Your high school counselor can provide more information about the Advance Now program. We also recommend that you discuss the information with your parents.

Students follow an enrollment process administered by RVC and CEANCI. Generally, information for the next school year's programs is distributed to high schools in the fall and the application process begins in November or December. Please refer to High School Connections for questions related to the RVC HS Programs Application, placement testing, and additional program details and requirements at 815-921-4080. 

The application period for 2015-2016 programs is CLOSED.  

  1. Students should notify or meet with their high school counselor about their interest in applying for an Advance Now program.

  2. Students begin by completing a RVC High School Programs Application for Admission (select "Advance Now" as your program of interest) and submit to High School Connections.

  3. ACCUPLACER placement testing must be completed by Friday, January 30, 2015.

  4. A separate Advance Now program application will be distributed to high school counselors by CEANCI beginning February, 3, 2015.  Please refer to CEANCI for additional details about this application process and program acceptance at 815-921-1650.

  5. Acceptance letters from CEANCI will be distributed to students in early March.

  6. RVC High School Connections will register accepted students into their Advance Now program classes.

  7. RVC High School Connections will host an Advance Now Orientation in August 2015, prior to the Fall 2015 semester beginning (specific dateTBD).

Automotive Service Technology

Do you like to tinker and fix things? Fixing someone's car so they can get to work or school or wherever they need to go can be a very rewarding profession.  We'll provide you the skills you need to become a highly trained automotive technician.

Find out more about the classes you'll be taking!

Aviation Maintenance

Did you know there will soon be hundreds of good paying jobs in Rockford in aviation maintenance and repair? We can provide you the knowledge and skills you need to qualify for those highly sought after jobs. 

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.


Skilled welders are always in high demand and you may not even realize all of the things from your daily life that a welder has touched, from the car you drive or ride in to the bridge you drive over to the school or mall you visit. Welding is also part of making airplanes, ships, and all kinds of manufactured products, from lawn mowers to large construction equipment. 

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.


Sustainable Energy Systems- "Green" Careers

Want to make the world a better place? Does the idea of working in a growing field of great importance to our planet appeal to you? Consider our Sustainable Energy Systems program and learn more about energy efficiency and alternative energy.

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.

Advance-Now-Health Programs

Allied Health/Health Occupations

Healthcare careers are always in high demand and can be an extremely rewarding career choice. If you are interested in pursuing a degree or certificate at RVC in Surgical Technology, Dental Hygiene, Radiology, Nursing, or Respiratory Care you will want to explore the Advance Now Allied Health options.

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.

Fire Science

Did you dream of being a firefighter when you were younger? See what the RVC Fire Science program has to offer. This Advance Now program can also lead to a certificate for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). 

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.

Fitness, Wellness & Sport (Personal Training)

Is athletics more your thing? Personal trainers may find jobs in private health clubs, public fitness centers, college/university fitness centers or personal fitness studios. 

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.


  Advance-Now-Building-Construction Management

Basic Construction or Sustainable Construction

Learn the skills needed to manage major construction projects. Recent RVC graduates from this program have landed jobs managing construction projects for Google and Transamerica. 

Find out more about this program and what types of classes you would be taking.


Online Courses

Online courses are available to students who are interested in computers/programming, business, or criminal justice. Students choosing the online option can select one course per semester.

Learn more about Advance Now's online offerings!



Career Education Associates of North Central Illinois (CEANCI) is a career delivery system for high school students in north central Illinois.  The policy-making board, CEANCI Board of Governors, is composed of superintendents from Belvidere, Byron, Harlem, Hononegah, North Boone, Oregon, Rockford, South Beloit, Stillman Valley and Winnebago school districts.  CEANCI, area high schools, and Rock Valley College (RVC) collaborate to offer regional Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs/courses.  CEANCI and RVC are committed to preparing students for employment and post-secondary education in an effective, efficient manner.  Program Articulation & Dual Credit Agreements between CEANCI and RVC provide a seamless secondary and post-secondary education delivery system, meeting labor market demand and maximizing resources.  These agreements also allow high school graduates to accelerate their career education program at RVC.