Rockford, Illinois

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University offers a caring and supportive learning environment in the heart of west central Illinois. The RVC WIU partnership offers the Board of Trustees/Bachelor of Arts Degree (BOT/BA)  (Online degree program completion with no time limits)
Western Illinois University offers a unique Bachelor of Arts degree program designed to provide adult students with an opportunity to earn a regionally accredited undergraduate degree in a manner compatible with their educational needs and lifestyles. This highly individualized and flexible program recognizes that adults may have attended a variety of educational institutions and accepts transfer of passing course work taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Distance Learning at Western Illinois University offers a variety of options for students who want to continue their careers through an online learning environment. Whether you are looking at expanding your current skill set or looking to complete a degree, we are committed to helping you achieve your educational objectives.

The goal of the distance learning program is to provide students with a quality education and to help them become lifelong learners. We understand that your education does not stop when you obtain your degree and enter the workforce.

Our program offers flexibility in attending classes in the traditional classroom or through a more flexible online environment.

Distance Learning at WIU provides our student body with convenient, flexible, and personalized instruction to further their education.

For more information on the BOT please call (309) 298-1929.