Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

CAB Faculty Grant Terms

1. Grant money will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

2. The total amount of $6,000.00 in the grant fund will remain available and open for applications after August 1 until it is exhausted.

  • There is no minimum; a maximum of 6 grants at $1,000.00 apiece may be distributed.

3. Grant money is available only in reimbursement form at this time.

  • Applicants must submit both an event and an expenditure evaluation form to CAB no more than two weeks after the event. It is after the submission of these forms occurs that reimbursement will take place.
  • What is an Expenditure Evaluation Form? Answer: Cost breakdown of expenses and who the money was expended upon.
  • What is an Event Evaluation? Answer: Were the purpose and goals of the event met? How did the students benefit? Would the applicant submit again?

4. Faculty members are eligible to receive only one grant allocation per academic year.

5. Grant monies are intended to serve activity fee paying students (AFPS).

  • If the event does not serve solely AFPS, only grant funds used for that purpose will be reimbursed.

Applicants will be informed of their grant application status by e-mail in accordance with the timeline. Following the e-mail notice, a packet outlining follow-up steps to be taken and forms to fill out (e.g., event and expense evaluation report forms) will be sent to the applicant’s on-campus mailbox. Grant recipients from that point on may feel free to ask the designated CAB member questions regarding the grant process. The aforementioned CAB member will be periodically checking grant project status prior to the event.