Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

CAB Faculty Grant

Student Life, along with the Campus Activities Board (CAB), is excited to offer faculty the opportunity to pursue grant funding through our office. Both the areas of academic and student affairs play key roles in the development of students and this grant opportunity allows us to build a partnership that will both benefit students and complement the vision and mission of Rock Valley College.

We believe in the value of the co-curricular experience. By applying for this grant, faculty members have the opportunity to:

  • Implement programming that complements academic initiatives.
  • Build rapport with students.
  • Foster a great working relationship with Student Life.
  • Assist in fully developing students by contributing to their out of class experience.

RVC faculty may apply online for the Student Life Faculty Grant for up to (and not exceeding) $1,000. At this time, only full time faculty may apply. To proceed, please read the terms and conditions before filling out and submitting the online application.

*Applicants will be informed of their grant application status by e-mail in accordance with the timeline. Following the e-mail notice, a packet outlining follow-up steps to be taken and forms to fill out (e.g., event and expense evaluation report forms) will be sent to the applicant’s on-campus mailbox. Grant recipients from that point on may feel free to ask the designated CAB member questions regarding the grant process. The aforementioned CAB member will be periodically checking grant project status prior to the event.