Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Employee Directory

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Abbott, Scott (Mentor/Transition Coordinator)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3912
Abdullah, Ameen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1265
Abney, Deborah (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3302
Abraham, Karyn (Career Management Specialist)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3909
Adame, Lisa (Administrative Asst - temp)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4072
Adams, Brienne (Student Engagement & Leadership Advisor-CPT)
Student Services   815-921-4173
Addis, Jacob (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Adolphson, Mark (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3015
Ahern, Laura (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Akerman, Gary (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Al Zoubi, Hala (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-1324
Alatorre, Annette (Administrative Asst II, CPT)
Student Services   815-921-4186
Alattar, Ahmed (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Alderman, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Alexander, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Alfe, Lori (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3303
Alfredson, Debbie (Business Service Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2264
Alfredson, Tavis (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4859
Alisankus, Thomas (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3252
Allen, Melvin (Executive Director of Student Recruitment)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4262
Almanza, Spring (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Almonaci, Oscar (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4106
Almy, Kathleen (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3511
Alsharif, Sarene (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Al-Talabani, Govand (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Andeen, Timothy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1219
Andersen, Kathleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Anderson, Angela (Clin Instructor (pt))
Nursing   815-921-3271
Anderson, Carol (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3518
Anderson, Darrell (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Anderson, Mark (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Anderson, Sandra (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Anderzon, David (Coordinator/Outreach & Scholarships)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4154
Andrews, Paul (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2208
Andrews, Shannon (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3417
Angileri, Andrea (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Antczak, Rylee (Accounts Receivable Cashier - CPT)
Financial Services   815-921-4417
Arns, Jeffrey (Temporary (ft))
Business Services   815-921-4468
Ashelford, Ronald (Welding Instructor, RTC)
Outreach and Planning   
Ashens, Sally (IT Helpdesk Technician - temp)
Information Technology   
Ashford, Will (Interim, Ft Director of Learning and Opportunity Center)
Student Development   815-921-4236
Asprooth, Liz (Human Resource Generalist, CPT)
Human Resources   815-921-4756
Atterberry-Jones, Megan (Faculty (pt))
Auman, Linda (Coordinator, Running Start & Dual Credit Advisor)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4086
Austin, Thomas (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1517
Avery, Raymon (Instructor (pt))
Business Outreach   
Axon, Kristen (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Azam, Tabinda (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3473
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Bach, Rebecca (Administrative Asst 1 - ADE)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2001
Bacino-Thiessen, Miki (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3342
Baeb, Mary (Financial Aid Assistant III)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4151
Bainter, Diane (Manager)
Financial Services   815-921-4416
Baker, Marie (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3267
Bane, George (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3004
Barker, Carrie (Sports Coordinator/Coach - Soccer)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3838
Barleen, Steven (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Barrera-Tulian, Judith (Citizenship Instructor/Application Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1502
Barron, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Barton, Danielle (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Bauman, David (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1516
Bawinkel, Daniel (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3172
Baxter, Steven (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Beard, Keith (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Beaves, Tatyana (Faculty (pt))
Beck, Jamie (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Beert, Michael (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3343
Belfield, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1318
Bellone, Kathy (Accounting Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2252
Beni Lam, Ban (Welcome Center Support Staff-Temp)
Student Recruitment   
Benjamin, Steve (Coach-Head Golf)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Benney, Amanda (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3350
Benson, Victoria (Administrative Assistant II)
Theatre & Arts Park   
Berg, Stuart (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Bergstrom, Janice (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1299
Bernardi, David (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1255
Best, Miranda (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3263
Betts, Bob (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3344
Billman, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Blair, Bruce (Faculty (pt))
Blair, Valerie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Blaisdell, Gordon (Techworks Training Specialist)
Blake, Penelope (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3345
Blank, Gary (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Blaski, Karin (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3109
Blumlo, Daniel (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3396
Blystone, Rebecca (Financial Aid Assistant - CPT)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4156
Bock, Robert (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Boggie, Julie (Lead Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4356
Bojda, Derek (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Bond, Bradley (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Bonvallet, Anna (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Technical Programs   
Booton, Debra (Faculty-Director/Clinical Education)
Technical Programs   815-921-1254
Borchardt, Sherry (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Boreen, Carol (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Bosley, Diane (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Boughton, William (Faculty - Independent Study, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Bowen, Kathryn (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1391
Bowers, Nicholas (Administration Support Specialist - CPT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2265
Bowler, Susan (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Box, Pauline (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2213
Bradley, Ann (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4101
Brady, Jessica (Community and Continuing Education Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3906
Brady, Lisa (Administrative Assistant I (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Braman, Sierra (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Brannon, Kristen (Student Worker/CWS)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Bravo, Anita (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3376
Brinkley, Jason (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3409
Britz, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Brooks, Stephen (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1214
Brown, Dawn (Truck Driver Training Specialist)
Business Outreach   
Brown, John (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1488
Brunner, Rachel (Faculty (pt) Summer)
Brzezinska, Boguslawa (Student Worker/CWS)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Bubela, Kristianna (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Retention & Advising   
Buchen, David (Grant Coordinator, Institutional Research)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4073
Buerger, Linda (Foundation Specialist)
Foundation   815-921-4506
Burd, Kerry (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Burke, Erin (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Burkhart, Darren (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Burton, Gloria (Administrative Assistant I (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2371
Busenbark, Joe (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Busenbark, Susan (Vice President of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
Liberal Arts and Sciences   815-921-4644
Busker, Yvonne (Manager)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3905
Buss, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1281
Butterworth, Eryn (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Recruitment   
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Caccia, Zachery (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cagnolatti, Kevin (Faculty (pt))
Cain, Kimberli (Payroll Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4404
Cain, Rosemari (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1216
Caiozzo, Vincent (Faculty (pt))
Calvagna, Frank (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3403
Calvagna, Jay (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4814
Calvette, Barbara (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3265
Camargo Martell, Enriqueta (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Carlson, Charles (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Carlson, Dana (Coordinator/Esl/Ade)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2005
Carlson, Mary (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3268
Carmichael, Sue (Program Manager DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2251
Carmody, Robert (Student Worker/RVC)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   
Carmona, Alma (Student Worker/CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Caronna Marvin, Gina (Dean, Community, Career, and Technical Education Outreach)
Community, Career, and Tech Ed Out   815-921-3171
Carpenter, Bradley (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4834
Carr, Dana (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Carrion, Ivelisse (Faculty (pt))
Carter, Molly (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Carter, Polly (HR/Recruiting Coordinator)
Human Resources   815-921-4757
Caskey, Jerold (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cassens, Katelyn (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Cassinelli, Meaghan (Coordinator of Student Loans)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4161
Castegnaro, David (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Castree, James (Coordinator, New Student Enrollment)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4274
Cavanagh, Barbara (Administrative Assistant III)
Student Development   815-921-4281
Chamberlain, Jeremy (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3520
Chamberlain, Lucas (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Student Retention & Advising   
Chamberlain, Nancy (Executive Director of College Communication & Marketing)
College Communication   815-921-4517
Chapman, Jon (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Charles, Sharon (Administrative Assistant I)
Business Outreach   815-921-2071
Chastain, Sally (Supervisor)
Business Services   815-921-4461
Check, Catherine (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3405
Chi, Hsin (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3306
Christiansen, Karen (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Christianson, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Clark, Aaron (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Recruitment   
Clark, Lisa (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1520
Clark, Robert (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3512
Clark, Thomas (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3173
Clayton, Mary (Faculty (pt))
Clements, Melissa (Tutor & Writing Center Coordinator)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2363
Clevenger, Larry (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Cline, Mary (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3155
Clough, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1277
Clouse, Marilyn (Admin Assistant II -temp)
Community Ed. Outreach   
Cobb, Mary (Administrative Assistant II)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4166
Cobert, Michael (RASI-Incubator/Business Manager)
Coe, Tom (Sergeant, FT)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4361
Coffman, Frank (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3307
Cole, Johanna (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1328
Collins, Dwayne (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Commisso, Melissa (Faculty Sabbatical)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3381
Conley, Jim (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3157
Conness, Samuel (Student Worker/Transfer & University Center/RVC)
Student Retention & Advising   
Connors, Anne (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1587
Constant, Laura (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3407
Conway, Nicole (Faculty (pt))
Cooke, Audra (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Cooper, Kelly (Manager, Career Services, Advising & Placement)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4092
Cooper, Sharon (Faculty Sabbatical)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3112
Corley, Charles (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Costello, Dave (Manager of College Communications)
College Communication   815-921-4516
Cote, Greg (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cotter, Carole (Administrative Asst I = CPT)
Countryman, Kevin (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3256
Courtney, Karen (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3308
Cowles, Jeffrey (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Cox, Clairdel (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Crane, Jerome (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3384
Crane, Kari (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1259
Crane, Steven (Maintenance/Custodian-Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1233
Crespo, Harrison (Administrative Assistant (pt))
Student Recruitment   815-921-4263
Croffoot, Connie (Faculty-Adjunct)
Technical Programs   815-921-1226
Crooks, Linda (Assessor/Exernal Diploma Program (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1288
Cropper, Michael (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Crosby, Lynn (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3203
Culhane, Mark (Faculty (pt))
Currere, Debra (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1290
Curry, Tekkahmah (Life Coach)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4114
Curtiss, Josh (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4831
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Dabbs, Katy (Testing Assistant)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2387
Dal Santo, Jody (Coordinator, Traffic Safety Program)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3942
Dally, Mitchell (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1521
D'Alonzo, Robert (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3339
Daniels, Alice (Transitions Coordinator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2010
Daniels, Rick (Manager)
Student Services   815-921-4187
Danielson, John (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Danzl-Tauer, Lynnette (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3472
Davis, Daniel (Team Lead HVAC Maintenance Mechanic IV)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1522
De Mello, Nikki (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1222
Dean, Norm (Faculty - Pt)
DeBord, Christina (Student Worker/CWS)
DeLaRosa, Victoria (Coord/Citizen Initiative, CPT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2274
DeLeon, Monica (Facilities Scheduler)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4322
Delia, Marcy (Graphic Designer)
College Communication   815-921-4508
Demarb, Chad (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Retention & Advising   
DePauw, Lori (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Diab, Lamis (Administrative Assistant II - CPT)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4116
Diaz, Amy (Vice President of Student Development)
Student Development   815-921-4283
Dinh, Xuan (Library Assistant/Serials)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4623
Dinwiddie, Crystal (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3382
Dmitrieva, Tatiana (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1275
Dobbins, Stella (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Dobler, Lori (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1307
Dolan, Andy (External Relations Officer)
College Communication   815-921-4522
Donahue, Stephen (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3315
Donaldson, Eric (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1239
Donaldson, Marcia (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Dorgan, Karla (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Doty, Craig (Sports Coordinator - Men's Basketball Coach)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3809
Dougherty, Elizabeth (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Drought, Joe (Chief of Police)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4353
Duberstein, Steven (Accommodations Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2362
Duncan, William (Weld Cert Spec Assignment)
Technical Programs   
Duncanson, Chizuko (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1292
Durst, Aubrey (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
DuSavage, Lisa (Administrative Assistant (pt))
Student Recruitment   815-921-4275
Dutz, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Dvorak, Elizabeth (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1325
Dyer, Jenn (Administrative Assistant II)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4084
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Easley, Nicole (Student Employee - CWS)
Student Retention & Advising   
Easton, Amy (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3281
Eckburg, Tracy (Accounts Payable Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4412
Eckert, Brent (Technical Services Coor)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4604
Eckstaine, Kaye (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3276
Ehlers, Stephen (Mail Distribution Clerk (pt))
Business Services   815-921-4463
Elias, Brianna (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Elias, Dolores (X Administrative Asst II - Temp)
Student Retention & Advising   
Elliott, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Elliott, Vincenza (Administrative Assistant III)
Outreach and Planning   815-921-2191
Ellis, Catherine (Office Manager)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4303
Ellis, Mark (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1271
Emerson, Sylvia (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3159
Enochs, Madeline (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Erickson, Rebecca (Library Asst-CPT)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4617
Erpenbach, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Etlinger, Sarah (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3304
Etminan, Ellie (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1490
Etminan, Joe (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3174
Evens, Laurie (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
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Falzone, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1295
Farmer, Tamberlyn (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1217
Farney, Randy (Laboratory Assistant (pt))
Technical Programs   815-921-3007
Fay, Les (Faculty - Pt)
Sciences   815-921-1278
Feliciano, Amy (Administrative Assistant III)
Liberal Arts and Sciences   815-921-4641
Ferguson, Valerie (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2263
Fernald, Cynthia (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Fiedler, Rebekah (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Figiel-Krueger, Maria (Reference Librarian)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4606
Fillicaro, John (Admin & Tech Support)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4625
Finnegan, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Fischer, Bradley (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Fischer-Carlson, Lynn (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3348
Fisher, Erin (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3386
Flanagan, Phyllis (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1293
Flavin, Randy (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1527
Fleeman, Brennan (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Fleeman, Stephen (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3175
Flores, Cynthia (Student Worker/CWS)
Flores, Dana (Student Worker/CWS)
Flores Vazquez, Maria (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Flynn, Mary (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2366
Foes, Heather (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3521
Follett, Kenneth (Faculty (pt))
Foreman, Kimberly (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Foreman, Mary (International Student Coordinator)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4251
Foti, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Fowlks, Victoria (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Frampton, Susan (Sign Language Interpreter)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2359
Francik, Giacomina (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Fransen, Steven (Coordinator, Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1263
Frantz, Lyle (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Freeberg, Norma (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Freeman, Richard (Faculty (pt))
Freer, Carol (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1294
Freeze, Audra (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Student Retention & Advising   
Freiberg, Brittany (Director/Development)
Foundation   815-921-4502
French, Diane (Tutoring Assistant- Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2352
Freudenberg, Howard (Faculty (pt))
Fricks, Nicky (Coordinator, WIA Youth Educational Services)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1309
Fromm, Kiersten (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Frye, Breanne (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   
Fuller, Cari (Administrative Assistant II)
Small Business Development   815-921-2081
Fuller, Woodson (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4365
Fundora, Danielle (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3368
Furness, Jane (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Fustin, Scott (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3053
Futrell, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
G back to top
Gabel, Glen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1383
Gabryshak, Peter (Faculty (pt))
Gaines, Alison (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Gaines, Virginia (Faculty (pt))
Gallagher, Christopher (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3106
Garbe, Craig (Team Leader/Special Services)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Garcia, Abbye (Multi-Media Specialist - CPT)
College Communication   815-921-4523
Gardner, Scott (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3104
Gargano, Matthew (Coordinator, Right Place to Start)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4123
Gear, Melissa (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4832
Geary, Ronald (Dean of Social Sciences)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3387
GeRue, Gerald (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3114
Giesecke, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Gilbert, Theresa (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3311
Girardin, Julie (Faculty (pt))
Girardin, Pete (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Glenn, Susan (Vice President & Chief Development Officer)
Glidden, Gary (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Glover, Sheri (Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1205
Glovinsky, Joshua (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Gocken, Richard (Dean of Technical Progams,Allied Health & Trades)
Technical Programs   815-921-3003
Goers, Stephen (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Gonzales, Jessica (Career Counselor and Program Development Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2215
Goodacre, David (Bookkeeper Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2006
Goral, Alicia (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3269
Gordon, Pamela (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3235
Graf, Victoria (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1206
Graham, Effay (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Gray, Dennis (AV Temp (pt))
Information Technology   
Griesbach, Carol (Tutoring Assistant- Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2351
Grove, Kayla (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Grueder, Paula (Curriculum Coordinator)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4043
Guensburg, Thomas (Interim Dean of Sciences)
Sciences   815-921-3408
Gunsul, Paul (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3519
Guo, Tao (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3513
Gupta, Rohini (Faculty (pt))
Gutierrez, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Gutierrez, Walter (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
H back to top
Halbrader, James (Faculty/Quality (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hale, Iris (Transitions Coordinator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2008
Haley, Kim (Business Service Coordinator for DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2214
Hall, Sharon (Faculty - Pt)
Haller, Andrea (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Halverson, Patricia (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Hammond, Randy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1241
Haney, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hannon, Rebecca (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1256
Hansen, Liz (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3482
Hansen, Gregory (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hanson, Jody (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hanson, Sharon (Coordinator, Phlebotomy Program)
Technical Programs   815-921-3208
Harambasic, Adnan (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Harper, Clarence (Faculty (pt))
Hartung, Sharon (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Hashim, Maria (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Services   
Hatten, Timothy (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3816
Haverly, Joseph (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3474
Hawkinson, Thomas (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Haydary, Spencer (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Services   
Hayes, Robert (Coach - Head Tennis-Women)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Hazen, Tracy (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3292
Headley, Catherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1266
Heck, Joann (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3325
Heckman, Greg (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3014
Hedman, Terry (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1523
Hedman, Trevor (Faculty (pt))
Hefty, Jeffery (Director/DWP)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2201
Heilman, Amy (Program Director)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2272
Heinisch, Peter (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1249
Heller, James (Director)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4158
Henderson, Jessica (Faculty (pt))
Hendrickson, Anne (Faculty (pt))
Henert, Shaine (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3804
Henness, Tracy (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Henrickson, Shu-Huei (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3313
Herdeman, Catherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Hergert, Deena (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3484
Hergert, Rodger (Interim Dean of Math)
Mathematics   815-921-3514
Herman, Milana (Program Manager)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4163
Herman, T (Maintenance/Custodian-Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4323
Hernandez, George (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3385
Hernandez, Julie (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3388
Hessel, Bob (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3515
Hickerson, Juanita (Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter)
College Communication   815-921-4513
Hicks, Joseph (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Hicks, Stephanie (Career Counselor, pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2261
Hilbert, Elroy (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hill, Kyle (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hill, Ronald (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hilliker, Matthew (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Himes, Ronnie (Team Leader/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4305
Hitzke, Terri (Faculty (FT - temp))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1276
Hokanson, Tracy (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2206
Holden, Patti (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3278
Holliman, Tonysha (Administrative Assistant II)
Business Services   815-921-4476
Holmes, Joey (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3422
Holmes, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Holstein, Bretta (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Holub, Sharie (Administrative Assistant II)
Sciences   815-921-3471
Hominick, Roger (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hoover, Steven (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Horvat, Frank (Sports Coordinator/Coach - Soccer)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3842
Hoshaw, John (Sergeant, Ft)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1267
Hosler, Lorelei (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1314
Houston, Marcia (Telecommunicator)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4351
Howard, David (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Howard, James (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Huber, Jason (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Huettl, Jayne (Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4428
Huff, DA (Administrative Assistant II)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3801
Hugdahl, David (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Hugo, Patrice (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Hulstedt, Jodi (Academic Advisor - temp)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4117
Hunter, Shurice (Director Compensation, Benefits & Employee Relations)
Human Resources   815-921-4752
Huntley, Terrica (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4244
I back to top
Ingelse, David (Temporary/Lab Technician/Aviation Maintenance (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ingle, Beth (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3389
Iovan, Sarah (Faculty (pt))
Irwin, Joab (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1543
Iske, Lonnie (Instructional Tech/Lab Attendant (pt))
Communication   815-921-1308
J back to top
Jabusch, Diann (Chief Information Officer)
Information Technology   815-921-4802
Jackson, Carol (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Jackson, Julienne (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Jackson, Loretta (Administrative Assistant II - Temp)
Student Retention & Advising   
Jackson, Thomas (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4108
Jacobsen, Sharon (Manager)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2388
Jamont, John (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3026
Jarvis, Audra (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3229
Jelnov, Irina (Student Employee/RVC)
Student Retention & Advising   
Jenks, Rick (Administrative Sergeant)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4360
Jevremovic, Angela (Faculty (pt))
Ji, Sejeong (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Johns, Ann (Program Director, Procurement Tech Asst Ctr)
Procurement Assistance Center   815-921-2091
Johnson, Ann (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Johnson, Brooke (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4095
Johnson, Coni (Manager - Admin Systems Support Group)
Information Technology   815-921-4853
Johnson, David (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1316
Johnson, Denise (Accounts Payable Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4407
Johnson, George (Faculty (pt))
Johnson, Tom (Traffic Safety Assistant I)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3941
Johnson, Todd (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1212
Jones, Caroline (Faculty (pt))
Jones, Jessica (Vice President of Human Resources)
Human Resources   815-921-4755
Jones, Yazmin (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Joyner, Mercedes (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Juarez, Bonnie (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1487
Jurgens, Raeann (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1282
K back to top
Kandil, Manar (Instructional Technician, pt)
Sciences   815-921-3485
Kardell, Gary (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Kayser, Dusty (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Development   
Keaggy, Dave (Client Services Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4876
Kearns, Holli (Student Athlete Success Aide- Temp)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3812
Keehn, Pauline (Faculty (pt))
Kelley, Mike (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3414
Kerley, Bethany (Faculty - Summer Pt)
Student Development   
Kerwitz, Ann (Assistant to President)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4001
King, Demetris (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4819
Kinney, Elizabeth (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3492
Kinney, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1227
Klaas, Vicki (Administrative Assistant II)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4626
Knodle, Russell (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3008
Knutson, Holly (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3228
Koehler, Kassandra (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Koenig, Diane (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3516
Konieczko, Nicholas (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Konkol, Chuck (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3164
Korneski, Jan-Nicholas (Theatre Technician)
Theatre & Arts Park   
Kosinski, Jenny (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3393
Kovell, Derrick (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4821
Kozel, Betty (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1245
Kramer, Chris (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3359
Kramer, Lynne (Testing Assistant - Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Krantz, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Kravitz, Mike (Personal Success Counselor)
Student Services   815-921-4105
Krebeck, Bret (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4854
Kromer, Jeffrey (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Kudlacik, Dawn (Administrative Assistant I)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2210
Kuehl, Diane (Credentialing Project Asst - temp)
Outreach and Planning   
Kulpa, Chad (Assistant Coach W-Softball)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Kunce, Brian (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Kunkel, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Kunnert Scibona, Laura (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1215
L back to top
LaBuy, Jerry (Faculty, FT temp)
Communication   815-921-1209
Lambert, Takeisha (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3312
Lamia, Tony (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lampher, Renee (Faculty - Summer)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Langdon, Kerri (Coordinator, First Year Experience)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4096
Lanis, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   815-921-1261
Laprade, Paul (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3347
Lara, Vincent (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1257
Larson, Chad (Faculty (pt))
Larson, Donald (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Larson, Kari (Registration Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4279
Larson, Lisa (Administrative Assistant II - temp)
Information Technology   815-921-4806
Larson, Scott (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Laskonis, Charles (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Lathrop, Chad (Temporary Clerical (pt))
Enrollment Services   
Lavery, Evan (Assistant Coach Basketball)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Lawson, Arline (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   
Lawson, Bill (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lay, Alec (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Lay, Robert (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3105
Lay, Vicki (Traffic Safety Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3944
Lazzerini-Mathur, Holly (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Leake, Daniel (Welding Instructor, RTC)
Outreach and Planning   
Lebid, Nataliya (Faculty (pt))
Leden, Lisa (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3489
Lee, Gail (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-1403
Lee, Hsiao-Hung (Director)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4627
Lee, Jill (Faculty (pt))
Leombruni, Tina (RASI -Bookkeeper, ft)
Lerret, George (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Lewis, Tammy (Program Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3933
Licata, Debra (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-1385
Lindblade, John (Instructor, Pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1298
Linden, Patti (Director)
Student Development   815-921-4110
Lindstrom, Robert (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Lindvall, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lipton, Bill (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3416
Locascio, Michelle (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1404
Lombardo, Tom (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3178
Lonsway, Amanda (Career Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4111
Lowenthal, Ariel (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1268
Lowry, Barbara (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1289
Lowry, Margaret (Clin Instructor (pt))
Lowry-Fritz, Maureen (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3509
Luecke, Bernie (Dir/BusinessDevelopment/BUO)
Business Outreach   815-921-2067
Lundberg, Lauren (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2243
Lundstrom, Eric (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Lundstrom, Mark (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Lyman, Jennifer (Administrative Assistant II)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3101
M back to top
Maas, Rebecca (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3476
MacQueen, Heather (Administrative Assistant III)
Human Resources   815-921-4760
Maculan, Rob (Maintenance II/Fleet Vehicles)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4307
Mahaney, Natalie (Sign Language Interpreter)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2358
Mais, James (Faculty (pt))
Malone, Paula (Coordinator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3205
Mang, Pau (Tutor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Marble, Latoya (Welcome Center Coordinator)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4261
Marcial, Sheila (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Marriett, Elizabeth (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1291
Marshall, Collin (Clerk-Temp)
Business Services   
Marshall, Jaylin (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Martin, Matthew (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Mason, David (Faculty - Summer Pt)
Technical Programs   
Mason, Patricia (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Mastroianni, Michael (President)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4010
Mathey, Pamela (Educational Planning Session Instructor-Temp,pt)
Student Retention & Advising   
Mawyer, Rob (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3310
Maxson, Chris (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3266
McAuliffe, Kristi (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
McCarty, Kathy (Administrative Assistant III)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4009
McCaskill, Stacy (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3102
McClellan, Debra (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
McClelland, Lora (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3272
McCombs, Paul (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3517
McCord, Kathryn (Faculty (pt))
McCord, Stanley (Coordinator/Automation Skills)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3179
McGee, Jordon (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4099
McGee, Justin (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
McGhee, LaShun (Specialist, Dean of Students Office)
Student Services   815-921-4284
McHugh, Patricia (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1302
McKinney, Lori (Testing Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2386
McKinney, Troy (HVAC Mechanic)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
McPheron, Lawrence (Faculty (pt))
McPherson, Travis (Student Worker/RVC)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Medrano, Icidora (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Development   815-921-4291
Medrano, Sonia (Helpdesk Coordinator)
Information Technology   815-921-4842
Mehlig, Lisa (Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4070
Mehringer, Paula (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1287
Meinert, Mike (Client Systems Engineer)
Information Technology   815-921-4811
Meingast, Wolf (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Meinke, Barbara (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Merriman, M (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3010
Metters, Jeffrey (Rapid Prototyping Tech II)
Metz, Donald (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1286
Meyer, Judithann (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1305
Meyer, Susan (Manager, User Support Svcs Grp)
Information Technology   815-921-4847
Meyers, Cindy (Administrative Assistant II)
Information Technology   815-921-4807
Michele, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1225
Miller, Cheryl (Faculty (pt))
Miller, Kristen (Athletic Trainer/Fitness Assessment Coordinator)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3821
Miller, Lisa (Theatre - Special Assignment)
Theatre & Arts Park   
Miller, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1223
Miller, Michael (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3019
Mills, Andrew (Accounts Payable Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4411
Minardi, Maureen (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Miner, Gloria (Faculty (pt))
Mistretta, Martin (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Mitchell, Lamata (Dean of Communication)
Communication   815-921-3334
Mittel, Lisa (Payroll Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4403
Mizyed, Amal (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Mohamed, Nadia (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Monroe, Darin (Sports Coordinator/Hd Softball Coach, Fitness,Wellness & Sp)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3822
Montero, Amanda (Accounts Receivable Cashier - CPT)
Financial Services   815-921-4413
Moore, Chris (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1204
Moore, Ronald (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Moreno, Rachel (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3487
Morgan, Francis (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Morgan, Loretta (Assistant Director - Operations)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4312
Morgan, Todd (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3013
Morris, Cierra (Lab Assistant - Temp)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Morris, Kenneth (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Morris, Timothy (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Morrissey, Maureen (Admin Assistant II (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3932
Moskalis, Stanislaw (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1389
Moslow, Eric (Technical Director/Lighting Designer)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2153
Moss, Jacqueline (Faculty-Director/Clinical Education)
Technical Programs   815-921-3204
Mouity, Idriss (Translator, PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Mu, Hla (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Muehlemeyer, Ann (Library Acquisitions/Catalog Technician)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4611
Mugavero, Barbara (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Muhammad, Luevinus (Life Coach)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4124
Mundinger, Kathe (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Munger, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Murphy, Adam (Mail Distribution Clerk)
Business Services   815-921-4458
Music, Nedisa (Adjustment Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2276
Myers, Mitchell (Student Worker/CWS)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   
Myers Weir, Jessica (Faculty Support Office Temp)
Myhre, Michelle (Student Worker/CWS)
Technical Programs   
N back to top
Nafziger, John (Faculty (pt))
Nania, Timothy (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Natal, Erica (Faculty (pt))
Nursing   815-921-1231
Nation, Cathy (Administrative Assistant II)
Nursing   815-921-3261
Nauman, Carol (Faculty (pt))
Navickis, Marie (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3206
Neal, Bryan (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1221
Nelson, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Nelson, Debra (Instructional Specialist)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3103
Nelson, Michael (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1201
Nemec, Lori (Mail Distribution Clerk)
Business Services   815-921-4457
Nesbitt, Rita (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2262
Nesmith, Denise (Faculty (pt))
Newell, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Njaramba, Juliet (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Novachek, Jasmyn (Accounts Receivable Team Leader)
Financial Services   815-921-4422
Nudera, Patricia (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1253
Nzamba, Lionel (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
O back to top
Oakes, Mathew (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3305
Obear, Laura (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Recruitment   
Oberg, Erik (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
O'Brien, Kelly (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Ojeda, Katherine (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Okoth, Harry (Student Liaison, Refugee & Immigrant Services)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Oladapo, Jessica (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3351
Olafson, Valerie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Olsen, Natalie (Assistant Coach Volleyball)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Olson, Douglas (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
O'Malley, Sherri (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Omari Derringer, Ama (Administrative Assistant II)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3317
O'Neil, John (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Opat, Misty (Athletic Director & Head Coach)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3807
Opfer, Stephanie (Tutor (pt))
Teaching and Learning Services   
Ortega, Pebbles (Faculty (pt))
Osborne, Steven (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Osen, Soumaya (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ostrom, Carol (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Ostrum, Cheryl (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Otte, Beverly (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Otts, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Ousley, Dawn (BPI Specialist)
Business Outreach   815-921-2066
Overton, Sam (Vice President)
Administrative Services   815-921-4445
Owen, Kyle (Welcome Center Support Staff - temp)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4171
P back to top
Palmerin, Jessica (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Retention & Advising   
Pantaleo, Lea (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3493
Panzella, Greg (GEF-Spec Assignment)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Papke, William (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1530
Papp, Michael (Director)
Business Services   815-921-4482
Parker, Anne (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4833
Parker, George (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Parks, Dan (Systems Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4815
Parola, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1489
Parsons, Sharla (Research Associate)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4071
Paslick, Cassiopeia (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3419
Patel, Akanksha (Career Counselor, pt)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2267
Patterson, Cara (Dual Credit Coordinator and Transition Advisor)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-4087
Patterson, Kimberly (Manager)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3901
Paul-Petersen, Randy (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Paulson, Russell (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Peach Churches, Kerri (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Pease, Megan (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3423
Peck, Jessica (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Pederson, William (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Penington, Fred (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Penney, Heidi (Faculty (pt))
Perkins, Lynn (Dean of Students)
Student Services   815-921-4268
Perla, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Persinger, Daniel (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Development   
Person, Steven (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Pete, Susan (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Peterson, Katie (Administrative Assistant III)
Foundation   815-921-1272
Peterson, Lori (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3275
Petrie, Robert (Audio Visual Support Specialist/IT)
Information Technology   815-921-4857
Phillips, Dreyanna (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Phillips, Michael (Director)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4304
Piccirilli, Kathye (Print Services Technician)
Business Services   815-921-4466
Pink, David (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3321
Polasky, William (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Politsch, Andrew (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Pomering, Beverly (CLR Assistant II)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3931
Poore, Jonathan (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3314
Porter, Erika (Records Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4259
Porter, Jennifer (Director)
Financial Services   815-921-4402
Powell, Brenda (Faculty (pt))
Prashar, Kanwal (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Pritz, Sherry (Rasi - Technical Specialist)
Entrepreneurship   815-921-2054
Purin, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Communication   815-921-1524
Pusatera, John (Faculty/Tool & Die/Precision Machinist (pt))
Technical Programs   
Q back to top
Quass, Lisa (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-1202
Quirk, Martin (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3391
Quisenberry, Jessy (Career & Academic Advisor, CPT)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4119
R back to top
Rabe, Joan (Administrative Assistant I)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3113
Rainey, Willetta (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Ramsay, Jean (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Randle, Kyna (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Rauh, Paige (Testing Specialist)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2384
Raymer, Loren (Team Leader/Career Education - Off Site)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1531
Redington, Bryan (TAACCCT Manufacturing Training Program Facilitator)
Technical Programs   815-921-3027
Regev, Alon (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1306
Reh, Su (Translator (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Reising, Sonia (Coordinator)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4102
Rentsch, Verna (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1394
Richardson, Antonio (Maintenance II/Facilities, Fac Plan; Plant Ops & Maint)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Rimkus, Richard (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-1274
Riney, Charley (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Rinker, Cheryl (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2369
Rippentrop, Diana (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3506
Rittenhouse, Cherri (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3352
Roberts, Bruce (Program Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3946
Roberts, Lloyd (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1235
Robertson, Karen (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3282
Rodakowski, Natalie (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3813
Roloff Welch, Jennifer (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3323
Roman, Nicholas (Assistant Coach Womens Soccer)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Romero, Lori (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1311
Rosas, Fernando (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1329
Rosas Moreno, Joana (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Rose, Andrew (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Rose, Lucia (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1301
Rosenquist, Micky (Faculty (pt))
Roskowic, Michelle (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1211
Ross, David (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3353
Ross, Richard (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3413
Rotert, Michelle (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3354
Rothmeyer, Michelle (Dean)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4267
Rottman, April (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3483
Rowe, Scott (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Royal, Nicole (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1203
Rubert, Marc (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4372
Ruckman, PS (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3392
Ruggerio, Marianna (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Runne, Judith (Clinical Instructor (pt))
Technical Programs   
Russo, Elizabeth (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3477
S back to top
Sager, Brian (Provost/Chief Academic Officer)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4053
Saghu, Jean (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Salazar, Maria (Administrative Assistant II)
Technical Programs   815-921-3016
Samsel, Diane (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3240
Samuelson, William (Lab Technician (pt))
Sciences   815-921-3428
Sanders, Wendy (Faculty (pt))
Sandoval, Mark (Coordinator, Truck Driver Training Program)
Business Outreach   815-921-2076
Santana, Ashley (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Sasso, Michael (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3012
Sati, James (Student Worker/RVC)
Student Retention & Advising   
Savalla, Louis (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4856
Sawicki, Julie (Faculty - Summer)
Schanfeldt, Heather (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Scherbarth, Linda (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1382
Schier, Rachel Ann (Student Worker/CWS)
Information Technology   
Schildgen, Julie (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Schilf, Dr. BOB (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3383
Schleter, Everett (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1269
Schmit, Bernard (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1237
Schnaper, Michael (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Schneider, David (Manager of Recruitment)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4278
Schoening, Michael (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1208
Schoonhoven, Meredith (Teaching Specialist-Reading PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Schoonover, Jerry (Instructor (pt))
Business Outreach   
Schraiber, Greg (Administrative Systems Programmer)
Information Technology   815-921-4835
Schubert, Grant (Teaching Specialist-Reading PT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Schumann, Megan (Community and Continuing Education Assistant I)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3902
Schwartz, Kathy (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1315
Seele, Robert (Assistant Director - Maintenance)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4313
Seele, Theodore (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   
Severing, Tonya (Administrative Assistant II)
Mathematics   815-921-3510
Shannon, Elaine (Records Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4258
Sharkey, Deanna (RASI - Administrative Asst.)
Sharp, Jamie (Student Worker/RVC)
Enrollment Services   
Shattuck, Lynn (Director)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2356
Shaw, Kerri (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3309
Shaw, Robin (Mail Distribution Technician)
Business Services   815-921-4491
Shaw White, Kathleen (Administrative Assistant I)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4306
Sheehama, Dominique (Student Worker/RVC)
Teaching and Learning Services   
Sheik, Daryl (Faculty/Electricians (pt))
Technical Programs   
Shelton, Gerald (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Sherman, Joyce (Temporary - Database/Clerical)
Sholes, Bradley (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1285
Shwaiko, Janna (Administrative Assistant III)
Academic Affairs   815-921-4044
Siaw, William (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Sicotte, Charles (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3394
Siddiqui, Sami (Student Worker/RVC)
Financial Services   
Sides, Molly (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3322
Sieracki, Mary (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2367
Sitenga, Charles (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Skupien, John (Faculty)
Technical Programs   815-921-3002
Slater, Lydia (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3110
Sloan, Barbara (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Smaha, Cindy (Administrative Assistant II)
Student Development   815-921-4146
Smith, Amanda (Dean)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2009
Smith, Morgan (Citizenship Instructor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Smith, Sarah (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1246
Snider, Heather (Institutional Research & Effectiveness Specialist)
Institutional Research and Effectiv   815-921-4075
Snodgrass, Robbin (Events Coordinator)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4321
Soenksen, Steven (Systems Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4827
Soltys, Donna (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2354
Sommer, Seth (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Song, Yiluo (Systems Librarian)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4602
Spahr, Nancy (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1312
Spain, Mark (Business Services Coordinator)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2273
Spaulding-Shrader, Kimberly (Instructor/Whiz Kids (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Spearman, Airri (Systems Administrator)
Information Technology   815-921-4849
Spearman, Howard (Dean of Advising and Retention)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4109
Spears, Linda (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3507
Sperry, Kay (Faculty (pt))
Spielman, Marilyn (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Spielman, Timothy (Academic & Transfer Advisor)
Student Retention & Advising   815-921-4104
Stahl, Kurt (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1234
Stalter, Paul (Faculty (pt))
Starks, William (Officer (pt))
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-1283
Stassi, Joan (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Stassi, John (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4817
Stech, Glenn (Audio Visual Support Specialist/IT)
Information Technology   815-921-4818
Steele, Kristina (Library Assist/Interlibrary)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4607
Stein, Don (Associate Producer)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2156
Stein, Kenneth (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3357
Stien, Rebecca (Administrative Assistant II)
Communication   815-921-3338
Stock, Mark (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1537
Stockett, Aarez (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Recruitment   
Stolzer, Wanda (Administrative Assistant I)
Sciences   815-921-3404
Stopoulos, Lee (Clinical Instructional Supervision (pt))
Technical Programs   
Storm, Ellen (Dean of Nursing, Career & Technical Education)
Nursing   815-921-3273
Street, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Strong, Lisa (Instructional Technician, Biology)
Sciences   815-921-3454
Struthers, Mary (Coordinator, Financial Aid Student Services)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4162
Sugrue, Patrick (Faculty)
Mathematics   815-921-3522
Sullivan, Lorna (Faculty (pt))
Nursing   815-921-3207
Sunday, Desmond (Student Worker - CWS)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Sunday, Rachel (Administration Support Specialist)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2246
Swanson, Sheryl (Faculty)
Nursing   815-921-3284
Sweeney, Tricia (Director)
College Communication   815-921-4507
Swiger, Tina (Records Evaluator)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4254
Szeluga, John (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Szterensus, Cristina (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3337
T back to top
Tallacksen, Jeremy (AV Temp (pt))
Information Technology   
Tanaka, Benjamin (Faculty (pt))
Taydem, Maria (Faculty (FT temp))
Sciences   815-921-3424
Taylor, Janet (Facilities Planning Manager)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-4324
Taylor, Linda (Faculty (pt))
Taylor, Maureen (Director)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3904
Taylor, Wendy (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1280
Terrinoni, Molly (Senior Accountant)
Financial Services   815-921-4408
Thielen, Ben (Teacher Aide)
Transitional Opp. & Education   
Thomas, Jayla (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1244
Thompson, Justin (Career Counselor)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2205
Thompson, Steve (Outreach Coor/Archivist)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4612
Thornton, Joseph (Student Worker/CWS)
Enrollment Services   
Tidberg, Becky (Administrative Assistant)
Communication   815-921-3436
Tifft, Sandra (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Tillmann, Ryan (Financial Aid Assistant II)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4153
Tilly, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Tomei, Alyssa (Sports Coordinator-Women's Volleyball Coach)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-1321
Topalovich, Kristy (Faculty (pt))
Townsend, Kathleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Trank, Carl (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1491
Travis, Katie (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1279
Tresemer, Jackie (Program Manager)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4155
Turner, Richard (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
U back to top
Ulven, Darrell (Instructional Technician, Physical Science)
Sciences   815-921-3410
V back to top
Valenti, Nicholas (Faculty (pt))
Vancil, Samantha (Financial Services Assistant)
Financial Services   815-921-4409
Vandenberg, Colleen (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Vandre, Catherine (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3451
Veitch, Marjorie (Faculty (pt))
Velasco, Samantha (Student Employee - CWS)
Student Retention & Advising   
Velazquez, Heather (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Ventimiglia, Elvira (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3358
Verdone, Melinda (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3415
Vergel de Dios, Maria (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-4824
VerHagen, Edward (Maintenance III/Buildings)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1538
Verma, Deepti (IT Helpdesk Technician)
Information Technology   815-921-1303
Vest, Kevin (Sports Coordinator/Coach-Men's Baseball)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   815-921-3820
Villalobos-Hallmann, Betty (Recruitment Specialist)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4277
Vincent, Matthew (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3355
Vinik, Fran (Programmer/Analyst)
Information Technology   815-921-4836
Virdi-Hulsebus, Surachna (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Viren, Holly (Records Analyst)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4257
Virzi, Amanda (Manager of Admissions)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4276
Voiles, Tammy (Faculty (pt))
Volkman, Lisa (Faculty (pt))
Student Development   
Volz, Michael (Faculty)
Sciences   815-921-3402
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Wagner, Brian (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3367
Wahlquist, John (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Walker, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Wallin, Thomas (Faculty/Sheet Metal (pt))
Technical Programs   
Walters, William (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3319
Wang, Andrew (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1262
Warner, Ana (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1240
Warren, Martena (Administrative Assistant II - CPT)
Outreach and Planning   815-921-2192
Warren, Vikki (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wascher, Stephanie (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3160
Watkins, Darryl (Assistant Coach Womens Basketball)
Fitness, Wellness & Sport   
Watson, Bill (Senior Officer)
RVC Police Department (RVP)   815-921-4366
Watts, William (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1392
Wear, Greg (Interim VP Career & Technical Education)
Academic Affairs   815-921-3121
Webb, Debra (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Webb, Katherine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Webb, Kenneth (Faculty)
Communication   815-921-3316
Webb, Mike (Director)
Theatre & Arts Park   815-921-2151
Weber, Diane (Library Assistant/Acquisitions)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4610
Weber, John (Instructor (pt))
Community Ed. Outreach   
Weedman, Karen (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1218
Weeks, Sandra (Testing Assistant - Pt)
Teaching and Learning Services   815-921-2361
Weightman, Janice (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1327
Weiss, Ginette (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1482
Wells, Pamela (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-1322
Wenstrom, Carisa (Graphic Designer - Temp)
Wessel, Darrick (Faculty, Pt)
Technical Programs   
Wessels, Karen (Faculty (pt))
Westergren, Franklin (Maintenance II/Grounds)
Fac. Plan., Plant Ops, Maint.   815-921-1539
Whalen, Elaine (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Wheeler, Jennifer (Student Event Specialist, pt)
Student Services   815-921-4183
White, Kandice (Registration Assistant)
Enrollment Services   815-921-4266
Whitehead, Tammy (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3356
Whitlow, Becky (Access Services Coordinator)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   815-921-4603
Whittington, Eddie (Faculty (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wickersham, Ruth (Faculty (pt))
Wild, Jack (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Wilkens, Jennifer (Academic Advisor - temp)
Student Retention & Advising   
Wilkinson, Jim (Manager)
Information Technology   815-921-4851
Williams, Jessica (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1248
Williams, Susan (Community and Continuing Education Assistant III)
Community Ed. Outreach   815-921-3903
Wilsey, Joseph (Faculty (pt))
Business, CIS, Engineering   
Wilson, Eric (Coordinator, New Student Enrollment)
Student Recruitment   815-921-4176
Wims, Taylor (Student Worker/CWS)
Library & Instructional Supp. Svcs   
Winiarski, George (Creative Services Manager)
College Communication   815-921-4515
Witmer, Mary (Instructor (pt))
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-1247
Woehler, Julie (Technology Support Specialist)
Information Technology   815-921-4820
Wolf, Alyssa (Wellness Program Coordinator)
Human Resources   815-921-4758
Wolf, Mary (Faculty - Reading)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2365
Wolfe, Charles (Lab Technician (pt))
Technical Programs   
Wong, Steve (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3108
Woolbright, Darla (Senior Accountant)
Financial Services   815-921-4420
Woulfe, Eric (Faculty)
Business, CIS, Engineering   815-921-3115
Wrecke, Deborah (Graphic Designer, temp)
College Communication   
Wright, Abigail (Student Worker/CWS)
Student Recruitment   
Wyatt, Sandy (Faculty (pt))
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Yerk, Angela (Administrative Asst II - CPT)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2007
Young, Patricia (Coordinator/ABE)
Transitional Opp. & Education   815-921-2004
Youngblood, Dane (Purchasing Assistant)
Business Services   815-921-4477
Youngblood, Michael (Faculty)
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   815-921-3395
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Zalapi, Vincent (Faculty (pt))
Mathematics   815-921-1229
Zamora, Victoria (Administrative Assistant I)
Chief Exec. Officer/President   815-921-4003
Zbeeb, Robert (Faculty (pt))
Social Science , Humanities & FWS   
Zellweger, Richard (Truck Driver Training Specialist)
Business Outreach   
Zillmer, Sue (Administrative Assistant III)
Administrative Services   815-921-4441
Zimmerman, Jennifer (Faculty (pt))