Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Cultural Tour of Chile

HUM 120—Spring 2015 Latin American Cultural Expressions: Chile (through travel)


What is it? 

HUM 120 is an interdisciplinary class that focuses on the study of Chile. We cover a variety of topics, such as geography, history, art, literature, music, food, etc. The class consists of:

  • One mandatory orientation meeting (see date below).
  • Three class meetings (see dates below). You must attend class if you are taking it for credit. Not mandatory (but recommended) if you signed up as an auditor.
  • Actual trip (Spring Break 2015- March 6-14, 2015). See proposed itinerary below.


What are the costs involved in this class?

(Please note: all costs are estimated and subject to change)

1) RVC tuition payable to RVC (tuition is waived if you are a full time employee or his/her dependent, $261 for 3 credits (in district) plus fees (tuition and fees might change). Tuition needs to be paid by February 11, 2015.

Tuition for Senior Citizens: Students 62-64 years of age who are residents of Rock Valley College District 511 qualify for a reduced tuition rate of $25 per credit hour. Students age 65 and over who are district residents may attend credit classes tuition free. All other fees will be assessed at a full rate for students in both age categories. The tuition reduction is not applicable for enrollment in non-credit seminars, classes, or programs. *In order for a student to receive this discount they must inform the Records and Registration office of their senior citizen status prior to enrolling in the course.

2) Actual trip to Chile payable to Lindstrom Travel Agency. ($650 deposit when you sign up, $1,400 by November 21, 2014, and final payment of approximately $1,425 by January 5 2015); $3,475 (estimated total cost for trip*)

3) Other expenses not included above: passport (passport should be valid at least until October 2015); driver and local guide tipping (plan for approximately $15 per day for driver and guide, plus restaurant tipping); most lunches (see itinerary below); beverages with meals; your personal expenses. We highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance through Lindstrom as well. 


How do I sign up? 

Here is a list of most relevant dates/schedule:                                            

Now: Go to Lindstrom Travel agency to pay the $650 deposit fee. Registration is now open. Get RVC forms from Lindstrom. Lindstrom Travel is located on 5970 Guilford Rd (and Mulford), Rockford. 815-398-8888. Contact person: Dick Sturm at
After you pay deposit:
We will keep all names in a list and will register everyone in HUM 120 on January 20, 2015. You do not need to register yourself; we will do it for you. Make sure you let us know if you are taking the class for credit or as an audit (cost is the same). You need to pay RVC tuition by February 11, 2015. 
November 21, 2014:
Pay second installment to Lindstrom $1400 by November 21, 2014.
January 5, 2015:
Pay Lindstrom the remainder of the trip, $1,425 (estimated), by January 5, 2015.
January 20, 2015:
Turn in all forms and necessary paperwork to Cristina Szterensus (CLII 244) or Elvira Ventimiglia (CLII 245) by January 20, 2015. Attach two copies of your passport. You will not be able to join the trip without all necessary forms and copies of passport. Please give to faculty in hand or leave in CLII FSO office in our mailboxes.
February 7, 2015:
Mandatory Orientation Meeting: All meetings are Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to noon @ RVC CL II 228
February 11, 2015:
Payment of RVC tuition is due by this day. You will be dropped unless Accounting receives your payment.
February 14, 21, & 28, 2015
Class Meetings
March 6, 2015
Trip departure


Download the complete trip itinerary


Who can I contact?

Elvira Ventimiglia or Cristina Szterensus