Rockford, Illinois

Your career in Nursing

Two nurses consulting a chart.As a nurse, you’ll have a flexible, varied career where your services are in demand. Hospitals, medical offices and clinics, schools, corporations, community agencies and researchers all employ nurses. You’ll learn both theory and technique as a nursing student. You’ll be versed in the science of disease treatment and the art of caring. You may choose to specialize. After one class at Rock Valley College, you’ll qualify to work as a nurse’s aide in a variety of community settings. It’s valuable work experience that’ll help you develop professional confidence.

Career outlook

Nursing, with more than 2 million jobs, is the country’s largest health care occupation. And it’s growing. Between 2000 and 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor identified it as one of 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs. There’s a critical shortage of nurses around the country. Hospital nursing jobs are growing, but more slowly than in other areas. Home healthcare and nursing homes are expected to be top job producers. And more nurses will be needed in clinics and medical offices as technology allows increasingly more sophisticated treatment options to be done off of a hospital campus.

For more information about nursing careers, go to: www.nursing.illinois.gov.

Contact: Ellen Storm, Dean of Nursing, at RVC-NursingProgram@rockvalleycollege.edu or (815) 921-3261.