Rockford, Illinois

Refugee and Immigrant Services

Refugee & Immigrant Services provides adjustment and employment services to Refugees from the northern ten counties in Illinois.  Our job developers and staff work with employers who have found that hiring refugees and immigrants through our program has assisted them in attaining great production rates and locating wonderful employees.

Who are Refugees?

A refugee is a person who has fled his or her native country because of past persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution.  This can be based on race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or a membership in a particular social group.  Refugees are legal immigrants that are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate their strong work ethics in stable employment.

Are Refugees authorized to work?

Yes, Refugees are authorized to work in the United States.  Refugees are given an I-94 card which establishes their right to employment.  The I-94 does not expire, and they are authorized to work indefinitely.

What are the language capabilities of Refugees?

Refugees have varying levels of English capabilities, both spoken and written.  Many employers have found that language barriers, just like many other barriers, can be overcome.  Employers have overcome such barriers in many ways: placing the new employee alongside another employee who speaks their language, assigning new employees to jobs that require minimal English capabilities, or utilizing our free translation services.

The Rock Valley College Refugee Program is located at The Workforce Connection at 303 North Main Street. If you have any employment needs, please call us at (815) 921-2273 to see how Refugee & Immigrant Services can best meet your needs.  Mark Spain, our Job Developer, would be happy to discuss our program.