Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

About Us

Challenging Minds Since 1980Whiz Kids

Community leader Jon Lundin began Rock Valley College Whiz Kids as a summer enrichment program intended for students with high abilities and high interests in special academic areas. NOW, Rock Valley College Whiz Kids continues to provide students in K-8th grade with a variety of academic enrichment opportunities. Through creative teaching strategies, materials, and curricula, Rock Valley College Whiz Kids offers unique, hands-on activities with inventive modes of participation. Rock Valley College Whiz Kids classes are designed to:

  • Challenge students to learn new material quickly
  • Explore subjects more intensely than in their current grade-level curriculum
  • Offer opportunities for students to become acquainted with other students who have similar academic interests
  • Introduce children to a college environment without the pressure of earning a grade
  • Provide a supportive environment where students “learn by doing”
  • Encourage students to apply critical and creative thinking skills to numerous areas of study
  • Offer a variety of instructional methods to stimulate and challenge students’ interests

Students have fun using their imaginations, perfecting their talents, and gaining confidence in academic areas. Parents like this program because it provides a positive and stimulating environment for their children. We like it because we enjoy the kids and love to see learning in action!