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Get caught up on the latest news from the Center for Learning in Retirement!

New Special Interest Group

CLR has begun offering sessions through the Senior Learning Network, a relatively new organization that presents educational programs online with real-time interaction between the presenter and the audience. Each session costs $5.00 per person, half the rate of a regular CLR one-session class. The first one was about Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcasted from the FDR Library in New York City on Monday, October 27th went well and had rave reviews! The plan is to have one each month. The next video cast is scheduled for 2:00 pm, Monday November 24th on Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska. If you're interested, contact Mary Cacciatore at (815) 332-2479 or

Fall Newsletter

Newsletters have gone out! Make sure to read all the wonderful articles introducing the new Committee Leaders, new staff & new programs here at CLR! There's a LOT of information packed in there, don't miss out!! Trips are filling up fast so reserve your spot today.

Spring Catalogs

Spring catalogs are being created now. We hope to have them mailed before we go to winter break on the 24th of December. Registration will begin right away as forms are mailed in so keep an eye out for your catalog to come in the mail.

Bus Trip to Chicago History Museum

The holiday season is sneaking up on us, a time when it's all too easy to forget things. So this seems like a good time to remind CLR members about the bus trip planned for January 28th to the Chicago History Museum. The cost, which includes a buffet lunch at the museum's North & Clark Cafe, is just $69 for CLR members. Call (815) 921-3931 to reserve a spot before your calendar gets too cluttered. 

Updates for Fall Catalog

Class #141 - Heal Your Wounds IS on a Friday, November 14 & 21 (not Thursdays)

Class #152 - River Cruising Christmas Markets is on Monday, December 8th (some Accounting Statements had it marked as a different date)

An additional Briggs Mansion Tour date has been added! We had a large wait list for both the AM & PM tours so we are calling those on the lists. If you have a message from us please return the call to reserve your spot! The added date is on Tuesday, December 9th either 10:00 am - Noon or 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

In Memoriam: Dr. Robert E. Heerens

CLR lost one of its dearest friends, one of its co-founders on October 19, 2014 when Dr. Robert E. Heerens died at the age of 99 years old. CLR is one of the family's three suggested recipients for memorials. We thank you, Dr. Heerens, for everything.

What's the Word?

Horse sense 

What is it about horses that inspired this association with "common sense"?

Is it because you can lead one to water but you can't make it drink? It seems more likely that "horse sense" refers to a human being's knowledge of horses rather than any ability exhibited by horses.

--- just as "horse feathers" and its vulgar equivalent are about human nonsense, not equine silliness.

What's the Word is written by Barry Wood, former Rockford Register Star columnist and CLR Publicity/Media Committee Chairperson.