Rockford, Illinois

Recent Grants

Selected Foundation Grants 2011-2012

Adult Ed Books & GED Test Fees:  Fund GED course books as well as GED testing fees for low-income adult students.

FTIR Spectrometer: 
Purchase a replacement FT-IR Spectrometer to be used to develop student skills in analysis of FT-IR spectra and to do solid sampling.  This equipment is used by organic chemists to identify the functional groups in a compound.

Frog Skeleton

Introductory Life Science Laboratory Models :  Purchase  for each laboratory table (12) a complete set of bat, bullfrog, cat, chicken and miniature human skeletons, a set of Trilobite replica fossils, and other items including new ceramic hotplates for the new laboratory room in the Jacobs Center for Science and Math.

Textbook for Refugees:  Funding for new student books and workbooks for the current English as a Second Language for immigrants and refugees who do not have the resources to purchase textbooks.

Forensics Travel:  Funding to cover the expenses for RVC students to attend and compete at collegiate speech tournaments including the Phi Rho Phi nationals.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance Kitfor Manufacturing Instruction: Purchase a D &T training kit for use in helping students to better understand the American National Standards Institute geometric dimensioning and tolerance rules and discipline.  The kit will allow Business & Professional Institute to train off-site or on-site in a customized manner and promote job security for existing employees and increase the marketability of those that are currently unemployed.
Bridge to Healthcare:  Start up costs for a program to improve student secondary skill levels, and provide a solid foundation for students to successfully transition into further healthcare related education and/or employment.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab Models:   Purchase models for laboratory models to provide increased opportunities for student three-demensional, spatial relationship learning and the adoption of a more rigorous laboratory curriculum.

Citizenship Workbooks: Allows the RVC Citizenship Program to purchase updated workbooks that the students can share in classes.  The Citizenship Program offers classes to legal permanent residents pursuing U.S. naturalization.

Digital SRL Camera for Hi-Def Video:  Purchase a digital single lens reflex camera and lenses for high definition video production to teach the emerging skill and technology of this technology which fall outside our normal curriculum but is quickly becoming the standard in the video industry.

Whiz Kids Scholarships:  Sponsor 16 (11 continuing and 5 new) economically-disadvantaged kids to participate in Whiz Kids summer enrichment activities.

Spectrophotometer: Purchase second spectrophotometer to minimize student waiting time to conduct experiments such as quantifying enzyme reactions

Grow Our Own Nursing Faculty:  Offer tuition scholarships to current RVC nursing staff, faculty, and/or graduates for completion of BSN or MSN to be qualified to teach nursing at RVC.

Autoclave and Incubator for SCCE:  Purchase a tabletop autoclave and a refrigerated incubator for the new laboratory at the Stenstrom Center for Career Education.  The autoclave will allow the SCCE location to sterilize bio-hazardous equipment in-house.  The incubator allows for contained cultivation of necessary microorganisms for the current curriculum.

LabQuest Data Collection System for Physical Science:
  Purchase 8 additional data collection lab devices and probes to accommodate use by students within multiple classrooms at the same time. Updated kits include new, high tech sensors that will serve to update failing older analytical equipment. Tutoring

Eagle Prep (8th grade visit-pilot program):  Connect with Lincoln Middle School 8th grade students to expose them to future career opportunities and raise educational awareness and aspirations. The goal is to complement the work of Rockford Alignment and College Readiness initiatives at the high school level by fostering relationships with the 8th graders and showcase RVC to the the parents who may also benefit from our services.

Rotary Evaporator for Chemistry 220/230: Purchase a rotary evaporator for use in organic chemistry classes.  It is used for the rapid removal of solvents by distillation at reduced pressure.  The distinctive procedure of distillation by rotation during the removal of the solvent performs two important functions of reducing the risk of bumping, and increasing the rate of volatilization of solvent by spreading the contents around the walls of the flask in a thin film.

Youth Groundwater Festival:  Assist with funding the Youth Groundwater Festival to educate sc-fromlibrarystudents and volunteers about our groundwater/drinking water.