Rockford, Illinois

Courses and General Information

Can I access my child's grades?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal mandate that is in place to protect and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your child's academic record.  Therefore, grades and other information are not released to parents without a student's written consent.  For more information on this policy please contact the Records Office at (815) 921-4250.

Is there an attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend classes regularly.  If they do need to be absent it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and make arrangements to complete any work they may have missed.

Each instructor has his/her own specific attendance policy which will be outlined in their course syllabus.  It is again the student's responsibility to become familiar with each instructor's policy.  If an instructor feels that the number of absences is interfering with the student's progress and ability to be successful in the course, the student may be withdrawn without notice.

What does "general education" mean?

General Education courses are specific courses that every degree seeking student must complete regardless of the transfer degree (AA or AS) they are seeking.  Please refer to our catalog under Transfer Degrees for more information. 

What exactly is a credit hour?

Each course at RVC is offered for a certain number of credit hours.  The number of lecture, laboratory, or field experience hours needed to complete the class determines the exact number of hours.

A credit hour is the measure of time that your child will be in class.  If your child is full-time and taking 12 credits they will be in class approximately 12 hours per week. 

What does it take to be a full time student?

To be considered full time a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semester (during the summer 6 credit hours is considered full- time).  Anything less than 12 credit hours is considered part time.  Students may need to be full time if they are participating in RVC Athletics, if they are covered under their parent's health insurance or if they are receiving scholarships that require full time status. 

The majority of classes at RVC are assigned 3 credits.  A student could be full time taking 12 credits with four classes.

Is there a fee for parking at RVC?

Parking at RVC is free!  Parking areas are located throughout the campus and are in close proximity to the classroom buildings.  Handicapped parking is available in every parking lot.  Parking along the roadways is illegal and may get you a citation.

Is there food available on campus?

Yes, at the present time we have the following food vendors on campus:

  • Papa John's:  Located on the first floor of the Student Center, Papa John's offers small pizzas, cheese sticks, individual slices, chicken strips, and soft drinks.
  • Subway: Located on the first floor of the Student Center, Subway offers sandwiches, soup, wraps and more.
  • Meg's Daily Grind: Located in the Educational Resource Center (ERC), Meg's serves up hot and cold coffee drinks, tea, chai, juice, soda, muffins, bagels, cookies and sandwiches.
Vending: Vending machines are located in the Student Center, ERC, and Woodward Technology Center.  A microwave oven is available for student use in the Student Center near the Atrium.