Rockford, Illinois

Academic Calendar

Spring 2015
January 5 (Monday)
Offices Open
January 9 (Friday)
Faculty Development Day/College Open
January 10 (Saturday)*
Weekend Classes Begin
January 12 (Monday)*
Weekday Classes Begin
January 19 (Monday)
No Classes/College Closed
March 8-15 (Sunday-Sunday)
Spring Recess- No Weekday or Weekend Classes
March 16/21 (Monday/Saturday)
Weekday/Weekend Classes Resume
April 2 (Thursday)
Faculty/Staff Development Day/No Classes
April 3-5 (Friday-Sunday)
No Classes/College Closed)
May 2 (Saturday)
End of Weekend Classes
May 8 (Friday)
End of Weekday Classes
May 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)
Final Exams for Weekend and Weekday Classes
May 15 (Friday at 6pm)
May 18 (Monday)
Grades due before 12 noon


*Most 16-week classes begin this week.  Check class schedule for specific dates. Deadlines vary for courses less than 16-weeks in length.  Contact Records and Registration for specific dates.