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Student Tech Tips

Tech Tips Purpose

The purpose of this page is to help students understand some of the technologies available as RVC Students.  Topics to be covered include Campus Computing, RVC Mail, Online Services, EAGLE, and Password Assistance.  This is a link to a Printer Friendly Tech Tips handout (in PDF format).  This handout contains the same  information found on this web page.

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Campus Computers
RVC Mail
Online Services - How do I logon?
  What Services are available in Online Services?
RVC EAGLE - How do I logon?
  Where do I find my classes in EAGLE?
  What are some common EAGLE functions?
  How do I use EAGLE Course Mail?
Password Assistance

Campus Computers

How do I log on to campus computers?


Username: ID number; example: s0123456

Password: The password you previously setup at your EPS session or by going to http://www.rockvalleycollege.edu/password

Your student ID is located on the following documents:

  • Admission Letters
  • Placement test results
  • RVC bill and schedule
Please Call (815) 921-4250 with questions. 

RVC Mail

How do I log on to my student email?

 RVCMail Login page


Go to http://mail.student.rockvalleycollege.edu

Username: ID number; example: s0123456
Password: same as the password you use to login to RVC campus computers

Each student is assigned an email account.  It is important to check your RVC personal email-account once every 24 hours.  Many RVC announcements and notices will be communicated to students via email.  Information may include grade information, assessment, financial aid information, important dates, waitlisted course notification, class cancellation, college news, etc.

What is my email address?

Your email is first letter of your first name + first letter of middle name + full last name @student.rockvalleycollege.edu.

Example: John Q. Smith email address would be jqsmith@student.rockvalleycollege.edu

Online Services

How do I log on?

 OnlineServices Online Servicescan be accessed similar to all other RVC resources by enter your "s" ID number for the username and the password you setup during EPS.  Online Services can be accessed by going to http://online.rockvalleycollege.edu 

What Services are available through Online Services?




Online Services has the following services available to students:

  • Access grades
  • Print or pay a bill
  • Set up FACTS payment plan
  • Change of address
  • Class Schedule and Textbook list
  • Register for classes
  • Transcript requests
  • Waitlisting of courses
  • Search for course availability
  • Review financial aid status
  • Enrollment verification requests
  • Print unofficial RVC transcript
  • Monitor status of transcript request


How do I log on?

EAGLE log on

You can access EAGLE using various methods:

RVC EAGLE uses the same username and password you use to access campus computers at RVC.

EAGLE provides support through various methods including in person, via email or phone, or on the web.

Self-Paced Training: Once you logon to EAGLE there is a course called Introduction to EAGLE that will allow you to go through an online tutorial to help build your competency in RVC EAGLE.  This course is
sometimes required for specific course sections and if it is required check your RVC Mail for more information.

EAGLE Support Contact Information:
Phone: 815-921-4646
Web: http://www.rockvalleycollege.edu/eaglesupport
Office: Educational Resource Center, Room 2418
Self-Paced Training: Once you logon to EAGLE there is a course called Intro to EAGLE that will allow you to go through an online tutorial to help build your competency in RVC EAGLE.  This course is sometimes required for specific course sections and if it is required, check your RVC Mail for more information.

Where do I find my classes?

 Eagle find classes


You can view your courses in the left hand corner Global Navigation menu after logging on. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the Courses tab and a list of your courses will appear.

Each student will have a different course title based on an individual's schedule.  To view specific course information, click on the name of the course. 

What are some common EAGLE functions?


EAGLE assignment icon

Assignment Submissions

In the Assignments tab and or in modules.

Attaching a file is one method available for submitting your homework to your instructor.  Typically homework will be submitted in a MS Word format, but remember to review your instructor's instructions.


1. To send an assignment as an attachment open the Assignment title.
2. Click the Submit Assignment button on the right side.
3. Click on Browse
4. Find the file on your computer, click Open
5. Click on Add Another File to add additional files.
7. Title your submission in the Comments textbox
8. Click Submit Assignment button to submit
all files.

EAGLE discussion forum  Discussion

In the courses discussion link and or in modules.

A discussion forum allows for instructors to judge participation, ask general questions to the class, and any other way your instructor feels it would be beneficial.
1. Click the Name of the Discussion you want to reply to.
2. Type your response in the text box
3. Click on Post Response

If you do not see your classmates responses when first entering the forum, it probably means it is on Post First Mode, which requires to post your original thoughts first prior to see other postings.
 EAGLE quizzes


Location: Inside of assignments and or in modules.

: Quizzes can be quizzes, tests, assessments or practice tests given to test your knowledge in a similar format as paper & pencil format you do in the classroom, but instead it is online.  Feedback and correct answers might be disabled based on instructor preference.
1. Click the Name of the Quiz
2. Click Take the Quiz button. (If assessment is timed, you will see a timer on the right hand side of your screen counting down.)
3. After reviewing, click Continue
4. Click on Submit Quiz when finished answering all questions.

Course Mail

 EAGLE Course Mail

Location: Course Mail can be found in the Help Corner at the top right from the Home area to view all messages from any source.

Purpose: Course Mails are meant for communication between your instructor and your fellow students in a particular class. 
Note: You cannot use course mail for external (non EAGLE) recipients.


To Send a Message

1. Click on Inbox and Compose Message or Quick Message
2. Click To:
3. Click on All Members to select the appropriate person(s) by checking the box
4. Click the To--> button to add the person to the box on the right.
5. Click on OK
6. Type your Message
7. Click on Send

Password Assistance

 Resetting Password

RVC has 2 different methods of allowing students to reset their passwords after they have been forgotten.

Method 1:
1. Go to http://www.rockvalleycollege.edu/password
2. Select the option that says, No, I do not know my password.
3. Click the Next button
4. Enter your "s" ID number & Last Name
5. Answer your two security questions. 
*If you cannot remember these security questions or you see a screen requesting a PIN, proceed to Method 2.

Method 2:
Unfortunately, if Method 1 does not work for you, will be required to come to campus.  When you come to campus, please remember to bring a photo ID verifying your identity as this is a federal policy to protect your identity including your account information.  On the main campus come to the Student Center, at Stenstrom go to the Student Development office, and at the LOC go to Front Desk to obtain assistance in getting your password setup properly.