Rockford, Illinois

Stenstrom Center for Career Education

Stenstrom Center for Career EducationRock Valley College's Stenstrom Center for Career Education (located in the southern part of Rockford, next to Jefferson High School) is home to many of the college's 30 career programs.

The Stenstrom Center is also a transfer degree site Students can take all of the general education courses they need to complete their A.A. or A.S. degree right here. 

For more information on Transfer Degree Programs at the Stenstrom Center please contact the Student Development Office at Stenstrom.

RVC Stenstrom Center for Career Education
4151 Samuelson Road, Rockford, Illinois 61109
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Career Programs at Stenstrom


Courses offered at Stenstrom

For the most current course listings, please visit our online schedule search page and search for courses at the Stesntrom Center (SCCE) location.